Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I do

So, when "The Kennedys" aired on Reelz channel, I was entranced by the portrayal of Bobby Kennedy by Barry Pepper. I'm an indiscriminate watcher of any kind of movie, not a critic. I enjoyed all of the performances by the cast. I was a little leery of Katie Holmes (ew...) as Jackie , but she actually pulled it off pretty convincingly. I was a bit annoyed by her accent, at first. But Barry Pepper was, by far, the most amazing in his portrayal.

Anyhoooooo, I was lured into checking out the tv drama "Brothers & Sisters" from the beginning. It was never a show I was really interested in checking out, but I was enticed by the preview. Who doesn't love Sally Field? So I became entwined in the family after a couple of weeks. I got better instant gratis because the show aired Monday thru Friday in syndication. By the third weekend, I was feeling a little deprived the days I didn't get an episode. I turned to Netflix. What an amazing series & I caught it just in time to see it end. I'm all hurt now. :( I understand the actors needs to move on, but I will miss the amazing cast of characters. They felt like a real family with real issues. Not some BS "normal" family from Normaltown USA.

This season of SYTYCD is going to be Ah - MAZING! The dancers are the best I've seen & they are adapting to other styles like no one in any other season. I'm stoked. I haven't had a routine nuke me, yet, but when I do, I'll post a link to a vid (if I can). The choreographers are inspired by the pure talent of the dancers, so both are forced to put out their absolute best.

A big ole Happy Birthday to both of my brothers this month. Luke on the 7th & Jay, today the 16th. Wish we could hang out & celebrate. Oregon, Nebraska & Indiana - we're just too far away. :(


Stef said...

I too loved Brothers and Sisters. But I haven't been able watch it and now I am sad to hear that it is ending. Sniffles. Sigh....

Mrs4444 said...

As one of nine siblings, I never got into Brothers & Sisters--I just found it stressful for some reason!haha

Thank goodness the "seasons" for shows start at different times of the year--It keeps things interesting :)

Thanks for your sweet comment today :)


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