Thursday, November 1, 2007

This is who I am.

I have 4 kids - 21, 13, 7, & 4 (UPDATE: they are now 24, 16, 10 & 7). I have been married to a wonderful dude for 13 (now 16) years (together since 1991) and 3 of those kids are ours together. My oldest lives in Oregon and I rarely get to see him...makes me rather sad. When they get that old, we can't make them do things anymore. I have phone friends, basically & am rather anti-social, a leap from what I used to be like. I've moved enough in the past 10 years to be lacking in good relationships outside my home. Hopefully, my social graces won't be lost in blogging...heh. (I am becoming more social...again. It feels good!)

I originally started this blog to try to motivate myself to do some writing. Something I've been doing since I was 8 on a fairly regular basis. I figured I'd write more often...heh. Yes, I do, but not fiction! Totally went with the life & trials thing. It is becoming a great outlet for me & if I do write fiction, I will post it on the other blog. I don't have good writing technique when it comes to journal type writing. My stuff gets all jibber-jabber, so if ever you don't follow, I apologize.

Being home with the kids has been a fortunate thing. I am happy to be able to do this because I know there are many that can't do it. I really live for my family. I know I am (most often) the best person I can be because of them. Okay, maybe not even most often, just sometimes. I learn everyday. I learn because I want to be an example to my kids. Now, I hope they take away the good things because I am all about "do as I say, not as I do"...heh. If they take my bad examples (i.e. cussing, yelling, smoking) I can blame no one but myself. If they take my good examples (i.e. talking things out, getting past anger, living to be happy) I will blame no one but myself & their good sense. If they strike a good balance (less the smoking, I hope), then I will be supremely happy! I can't say that I would be uber disappointed if they were yelling & cussing around their kids - I am many things, but hypocrite isn't one of them. I wouldn't ever criticize them for it because I grew up around that & much worse, in spite of it - I am a good person. Lacking in ambition, maybe; cussing like a trucker, true; but otherwise good.


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