Monday, May 5, 2008

Broken cars & thoughts on panties.

A wonderful morning topic. We have 3 vehicles. 2 of them sit in the garage most of the time. I don't often go many places & when I do, I use the red car - one of the garage cars. We have a 1994 Nissan Sentra that has, from it's membership into the family, been used primarily to commute the Dock Man (we are a blue collar family, so I will proudly refer to my hub as the Dock Man - dock = trucking dock) to work & back. I use it to rush the boys to their education in the morning & chauffer them home in the afternoon.

This morning...we have some issues. Yes, I was able to start it. Yes, it made it there & back. I don't often take a cup of coffee with me & today, the reason why was more pronounced. You see, since the car hit about 185,000 miles it has been making noises & sounds that induce my imagination of what may happen. What I envision is the cars underside parts just falling off, like in cartoons. If this were Wile E. Coyote's car, the sum of its bottom would just fall off & the rest would remain suspended in the air for a moment before collapsing with a crash & the doors fall right off, the trunk pops open, & the hood flies in the air only to come down on top, smashing Wile E. inside. This is how my imagination sees it. The sounds that eminate make me believe in my child like mind, that might just happen! This morning, even the engine was hesitating. Making the sip of coffee unimaginable, as I ended up wearing a good deal of it with each one. I go to cross the busy intesection & the car makes itty, bitty lurches. Like it wants to just give up. I try to hurry along the boys thinking I don't want it to die on me - then I'd have to walk home - UGH! I know this baby has given us well more than the $1200 we spent on it, but I think it's crying out for mercy. Poor thing. I made it home & I remember my Dock Man telling me about a spark plug issue...maybe that is all this is. I'd love to be able to get several more thousand miles out of her. She's been a good car & we are just under 200,000. A dream with only basic maintenance.

On to the panties. So I'm falling asleep last night thinking about the thong & the boy shorts & basic cotton briefs. Why, you ask, was I thinking about this? Well, recently I bought a few new bras. For the Dock Man's benefit, I paired 2 of them up with matching panties...hushaaaaaw! One mildly annoying thong and one boy short. The boy shorts are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. They are a mix of lace & a polyester blend (as per the usual pretty panty make up) and must have some light lycra in them because they are super soft stretchy. & a loose stretchy, but a nice tight fit (for Dock Man's benefit). Nothing but a minor boy short wedgie. I can deal with it. I haven't ever been comfortable in a thing, er... thong. A full Monty wedgie is all I can think of to describe that. A wedgie you can't pull away no matter how much you fidget & fuss. My thongs are for decorative puproses only. After the fun, the thong is done. Most commonly, I prefer the cotton brief, bikini brief because I think I'm still too young for the huge granny pannies. (confession: I have a few pairs but I only wear them during the dot's time) The cotton briefs prevent yeast (yes, yuck, but for some of us it's a given.) and they really are comfortable & mostly wedgie free - unless I find myself in an awkward gymnastic position - rarely happens, but I have 4 kids. I'm sure it's happened to the best of us. If anyone can tell me, what besides the amusement of the man, is a thong for?

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Kathy said...

Seriously...thongs?? Yuck! And who created those awul things?? I think they are supposed to be worn to hide panty lines, but I'd rather not wear anything at all than wear thongs...and I have.


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