Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nice going, mom...

That would be me. I often manage to ruin the imaginative ideas of my kids by telling them the truth. I have a huge problem with being totally honest with them about (almost) everything. *almost - I can't tell them about Santa yet - I enjoy that more than they do. Shame on me!

The other evening, Maia & I were out on the deck & she was asking about the stars. I pointed to the sky & told her they were there. She looks up & can't see them. It's a clear night, so I know she can, but I get it. I tell her they're the white little dots up there. She tells me nu-uh. Stars have one, two, three, four, five (points). Oh, yeah, the ones we draw do, I tell her, but the real stars are just little points of light in the sky. I point to the night sky & make her see. She says...ohhhhhh. Like she gets it. Then she asks me what they are made of. So I use Pumbaa's explanation about them being giants balls of gas out in space. She says, gas? Ewwwwwwwwwww. I think I ruined the mystique of the stars for her. :(


Carrie said...

Perhaps the thought of a giant ball of anything would be terrifying, much less GAS!

Especially if it was my gas!

Blarney said...

My daughter's so called friend blew the whole thing for us last year with Christmas. The girl hasn't been allowed to come over for a play date since ... terd!

Sunshine Buzo said... got a LAUGH OUT LOUD (yes, I had to type that out)from me over here when you went all Pumbaa.

Good stuff.


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