Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Soundtrack of My life

I know I talked about doing this a long time ago & finally I've gotten around to it. If I had to sum up parts of my life in song, this is how it would go. I will try not to babble too much, sometimes when I write things like this it gets overly stream of consciouness like.

In the beginning - I think my mom may have had too many tiptoes in the tulips, er, maybe just tipsy toes? I dunno, but the three of us kids have different dads. Around my birth we will hear the song by Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

Things begin to get a little dark in the early parts of my childhood (and don't feel bad because I am better for it, in spite of it). Hell is for Children don't you know? Things weren't so Wonderful .

After the age of 8, things did brighten up quite a bit. Even though I hadn't tried it yet, I'm thinking Everybody Must Get Stoned - Bob Dylan. Maybe that's why I was a handsome spinner as a kid - always spinning & twirling mightily. Trying to capture that dizzy. I loved to Dance the Night Away my parents had many parties & we had lots of friends.

(between ages 10 to 15, this song would have to play in the deepest background. I don't like it, but it kind of suits the situation. Not necessarily from my point of view, but that of another. Without saying more, I think many of you may be able to figure it out. Urgent - Foreigner)

Now, entering the teen years, I suppose so much had happened to me & I think I probably would have benefitted from my own Personal Jesus . It was a troublesome time in so many ways. Not everything was about Sweet Dreams.

I met Eric Let's Go All The Way - Sly Fox (trust me - every bit of that including band name fits). Then after I had my son, things changed drastically - of course, I repeatedly said Papa Don't Preach...absolutely (funny, 1986 that song came out)! I found too much time to Party All The Time - cause we really did, my friends & I. No One Is To Blame because, really - who would I have blamed? I never really thought any of it was all my fault.

Let's take off for a while, Runaway. Somebody Save Me, cause I certainly did need some sort of saving. Mostly from myself. Heh.

I'm getting older & trying to find my way in life. I realize this is a lot harder than I was thinking it might be. At the time, it didn't feel so hard because everything was all about My Prerogative. Around this time, I was beginning to break the ties that bind (even though I was gone for a good part of 15 & beyond, I was still tied to home) & mom could sense this, I suppose. The Living Years was her way of telling me something. I thought I had that all figured out & then I saw another curveball fly by my head. Roam and I was, again, roaming around trying to find my way. Eventually, I end up Back to Life.

I spot Dock man at a bar & whoosh! I Wanna Sex You Up , along with Right Here, Right Now (really, I was feeling that!) Soon after, I head back home, 3 states away & get to feeling lonely I Touch Myself. Love at first sight was what I was believing, as deeply as one could. Talking on the phone & keeping in touch for a couple months wasn't really enough for me. I needed to move on out. Can't Stop This Thing We Started. Shortly after, we both realize Love Takes Time .

Eventually, we get to the right place and completely understand The Power of Love (our wedding song, he chose it). After a while I know that I'm The Only One, though it takes Dock man sometime to truly get that. Even so, he took even more time to stop his Foolish Games . Course it was always me, being the utter Bitch. I know he's all Bent, so I succumb to it all. I still believe we are the only two of us that fit together, if that makes sense.

Soon after we reconcile (yes, that bit above was a brief separation tidbit), we experience our second pregnancy together With Arms Wide Open, again. For the better part of the next few years, it's mostly Headstrong, Get Busy, & Feel Good Inc.. Along comes our final child together & we will spend the rest of our days Somewhere Only We Know. Even if it means Sugar, We're Going Down, at least it'll be outside of Rehab.


noble pig said...

You have quite the musical repetoire there! Thanks for sharing all that it cracked me up.

Stasha said...

As much fun as this is to read, it must have been hard writing it. Not an easy task but you pulled it off!
"I am every woman" springs to mind :)


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