Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sweaty day!

We have to have something done to our AC. It stopped blowing cold air the other day, hopefully the remedy is a simple one. Hopefully, it just needs a swift kick (erm, recharge) & then we will be happily dry & cool again. That is the one thing I truly miss about Colorado, the dry air. I can handle these 90 (okay, so today wasn't 90, but it was still hot & mostly muggy) degree days if they're not accompanied by the sticky, icky humidity. Our lower level floor is actually least where there isn't any carpet. Who knows, underneath the carpet, we probably have some wetness, too. Nasty thought.

I have been blogging like mad for a few months & am truly enjoying it. It has become kind of an additction. I spend soooo much time reading others' blogs & I do post a lot of comments around. I would probably do it much more if I didn't have my responsibilities...the kids, the hub, the house. It's a good thing I can keep it in perspective.

I am waiting for my external HD to come calling. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. I am feeling a good deal of impatience, part of the reason being that I want to get my new layout up & running. The main reason is because I am tired of the error messages & the inability to download any fixes or any type of helpful software. I have done these things in the past & much to my dismay, the tools I was using to detect any kind of bugs weren't finding any. Once I reformat, I will know what the deal is.

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noble pig said...

Sending cool breezes your way...think of the salty, sea put your toes in the ocean....


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