Thursday, June 12, 2008

Since that's all done, now

I suppose I can get back to real blogging. So many nights, as I'm laying in bed I think about things I might talk about here. Like the daily activities in my life are so very boring sometimes and it's not enough. The kids & me, the kids & me...that's my life. I think about things that fascinate me to a fault. Serial Killers are one thing. It's a morbid fascination, I know. I watch an abundance of real crime tv. Some of my favorite shows are: The First 48, Crime 360, Most Evil, I Survived, The Investigators, Suburban Secrets, Snapped, and a few more. I can miss these & commonly there are reruns of any one of these on late night tv. It probably explains to some of you why I may be paranoid. Heh. I survived is the one that gets me BAD! There is always a story of a woman who survived a rape and/or brutal attack (often in her own home) and I am affected the most by those. Reading Insane Mama's recent recollection & share of something awful that happened to her has me fascinated just the same. It's awful & I hate that it happened, but I am awed by it.

I have to get going. Gotta rearrange & print off a copy of a 15 run pool for the hub. Pain in my...I will return later for more about nothing, or something - it depends on your point of view.

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Heather said...

I love your layout!! I can't watch those shows. Creeeeeep-e.


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