Thursday, June 19, 2008

A new toy for our (my) desktop

So, the other day, I discovered Yahoo! widgets. These are little toys/gadgets for your desktop. I'm a little late in the game because they have apparantly been around for some time (3-4 years?). I downloaded the puzzle maker, the weather gadget, the triangle game, Calvin & Hobbs comic strip gadget & the bouncy ball. The widget only shows the ones you download. If you expand the widget, it has some standard gadgets included like a clock. The puzzle maker allows you to drop any picture into it & you can select the amount of pieces (up to 120). It's neat! I like having the weather gadget on my desk top, too.

Baseball must have been browsing the gadgets you can add & he discovered I Speak. This little doohickey will say anything you type into it. I know there are computer hardware accessories that you can buy to do this very thing. The voice is a masculine computer voice. He showed it to me & we discovered it can give us hours of amusement.

Just yesterday, Dew got home from day camp & was rather crabby. Baseball opened I Speak & started typing. Poop was his first entry & I Speak said poop in a masculine computer voice. The next entry had Baseball just typing in random letter to see if I Speak could actually pronounce the jumblies. It did and sounded uber silly! I typed in some things (punk bitch, yes, I am juvenile, but I had to! It will cuss if you ask it to) and it spoke them with great clarity. Dew heard & was automatically intrigued by this wicked computer toon voice. He comes over & proceeds to try & take over (fruitlessly, as always). Because he isn't allowed to do what he wants, the squealing begins. Baseball then types in "Andy is a poo-poo." I Speak says that very phrase easily perfect. Dew tries not to smile & dilligently continues trying to take over. Eventually Dew is faux crying. Baseball types in "Andy is a cry baby sally". That phrase sounds so clear & funny coming out of the computer speakers, we all laugh. He plays it repeatedly and more laughter is generated.

When Dew finally gets his hands on it, he types in (or tries to, he can't spell everything , yet) "Kyleisapoopydiaper", only he can't spell diaper right & he made a couple more errors. So, I Speak says.."Kyle a is a poopy dapyr". Like it's all one word. I swear, as silly as it was, we were all cracking up like mad!

If you are so inclined to waste some time with the kids one afternoon, check it out. It really is a lot of silly fun. It cures some boredom, too.


Candid Carrie said...

Seriously, that is cheap fun, quality family time and has great entertainment value when you have guests. Candid Carrie gives it two thumbs up ;)

Heather said...

I love that iSpeak. Mine is set to sound like Yoda. Hysterical!!

noble pig said...

I need to look into these widgets, I keep hearing about them everywhere!

Outnumbered2to1 said...

We have the Calvin and Hobbes widget and as soon as I walk away, one of the kids jumps on and I have to wait until they've read three or four before I get the computer back.

insane mama said...

I am such a computer stupid head, I don't know what a widgit is, I barely understand my blog and how to format, and then I tried twitter... yikes


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