Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday was Funday!

Yes...well, I was planning on taking the kids to see either Ironman or Kung Fu Panda last night. The whole scenario changed when Dock man whined, "You're gonna leave me...all.. alone?" Gah. So, we discussed. The kids started throwing out ideas after he said he didn't want to see a movie.
he is a "stay-in" kinda movie guy, doesn't do well at the show, thinks it's too uncomfortable - whateva

Baseball (fka, Kyle) starts talking baseball with Dock because it was mentioned that I have one of Baseball's strike-outs at bats on video/photo. Baseball argues that he can hit better than his dad any day of the week! I stress that his dad was a sporty young lad and can probably still hit pretty well. The idea of batting cages comes up & voila! We have Zao Island! An outdoor/indoor mecca of games & fun! They have bumper cars, go carts, mini-golf, a HUGE arcade and even baby alligators to feed. Don't worry they are out of gnawing ankle reach!
I had to let Dew know that he couldn't go in & pet them. If he did, they'd gnaw a hole in his ankle or worse.

All is decided - I go to finish the paperwork for the Cub Scout day camp (Camp To-po-ne-be, I kid you not) that Dew will be attending Tues-Fri, and return home. Time to go!

Heading towards our destination, - there's a reason for telling this tale, and I hope you find it as amusing as I did - we catch a light getting ready to turn left. Green light & we wait.

Baseball: What are we doing?
Dock: Waiting for traffic.
Me: Yeah, gotta wait for the cars to pass.
Baseball: But why is it taking so long?
Me: Cause your dad's driving.
Dock (to me): You better watch it or I'll have to press the passenger eject button.

I had a good laugh. In the meantime, Dew mentions we're not going the right way.

Dock: We're not? Lead the way, buddy!
Dew: You go that way.
Dock: Which way?
Dew: That way! (from the back of the van where no one can see him, he must be pointing in some direction.)
Dock: Okay, that's the way we're headed!

As time goes on, I will reveal more of Dock man's sensitive nature & comfortable humor.

The time had was ultimately fun! The kids were glad we went to Zao rather than the movies. Miss Independent (fka Maia - I'll explain that another time) was happiest turning in our tickets. She caught the motherlode there. After that, we went out to dinner, which is rare because Dock works so much.

I just took Dew to the drop site..yes, he's gone for the day & I am sad. As much as he makes me crazy, I sure do miss when he's not here. He's going to have a blast today! They do things at this day camp that I know we aren't the type of family to do with him. Shoot bows & arrows, fish (yeah, we don't), shoot BB guns *shock*, etc. It's highly supervised. We aren't real outdoorsy, but I am proud to say he won't miss out on outdoorsy type activities!




~Billie~ said...

Sounds like a great day! I am so happy for Andy!

noble pig said...

Perfect day actually..really perfect.

Candid Carrie said...

Girl, do you rearrange your furniture as often as you rearrange your blog? I never know what to expect when I get here ;)


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