Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just a little thing thing...

Okay, for those of you who read my blog, are on blogger (cause I'd have no clue how to edit another) and are in the mood for change. I offer one of you a blog edit. This may take a few days or a week or so. If you have a plain ole & would like a little pimpin', post a comment here and drop me an email (to butter me up, ok not really, just tell me why you want one) lil_ole_me77@yahoo.com . I will listen to what you want, ask you to look for things that make you happy, ask you to choose a basic layout & try to come up with something that's just for you! If this is successful, I will do it again another time.

I edited this one and made my banner. I also edited one that I am still working on (but intend to finish today - comp problems kept me from it) that you can see here. If you'd like me to wing one for you - say hi!

This will be open for commenting for the rest of today (until the early am tomorrow - or longer if no one posts, heh).

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