Monday, June 16, 2008

I am an indiscriminate watcher of movies

I had to begin this post that way. I want to warn you that there are plenty of movies I like that really suck to most other people. If I see something I really got a kick out of or really enjoyed, I will post about it. I never listen to others' reviews. I have to see for myself if the acting was truly lame or if the plot was non-existent. Since you've all been forwarned (my 3 readers), I can go forward! I must also mention that I think I have an 18 year old young man living inside me because, I loved this movie!

I had to warn because after watching Crank last night, there should be something said about gratuitous sex & violence. An amazingly funny (yeah, that did surprise me) movie about a guy who's been injected with a poison that affects his adrenal glands, nearly shutting them down. In order to stay alive, he has to figure out how to maintain high adrenaline to keep his heart rate above a certain level. He does this in many ways - if you watch the movie, you'll see. The ride in this movie is fast & furious. It stars Jason Statham (The Transpoter & The Transporter 2) as the dying hit man, Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect) a ditzy blond at her finest for this role, and Jose Pablo Cantillo as a hit man with serious(ly funny) anger management problems. Dwight Yokam makes an appearance as an underworld doctor & his character is lovable in a raunchy, sardonic way. This movie is filled with action & loads of sarcastic humor. I laughed out loud several times! I know that's bad considering some of that laughter takes place during scenes that are killer & sexy.

Just to give you an idea of some of the comedy in it, in one scene - after Doc has given Chelios some advice about epinephrine (Doc is somewhere else, getting ready to fly back to LA), he decides he needs some because other things he's tried are wearing off & not keeping his heart rate up enough. Chelios makes his way to a hospital pharmacy & can't remember the name of it. When the famale pharmacist tells him what he's looking for but won't give it up, a patron (Linkin Park's Chester Bennington) suggests nasal spray. Chev grabs handfuls of it & heads out. In the meantime, the pharmacist is calling hospital security (Chelios' composite drawing is all over the tv, as he has brought some chaos to the city). Heading out, two cops spot him & a chase ensues first inside, then outside the hospital. Chelios dons a nifty hospital jonny to try & throw off the cops, but it doesn't work. He's running down the street, nude under the jonny & gets a call from the doc. Doc explains that too much epi will cause certain symptoms - heart feels on fire, very cold feeling & raging hard-on. Chev realizes the former along with the audience. Juvenile comedy glee!!

Another little funny quirk, everytime Chelios' cell phone rings, it, too, sounds like it's dying. Nice little nuance.

Filled with double cross & non-stop action, I would recommend Crank to anyone who enjoys a little gore, lots of violence, sex & sadistic comedy. It's unfortunately unrealistic but worth my 88 minutes of watching time - by a long shot! I watch movies to be entertained & Crank came through for me.


Carrie said...

You need to do more movie reviews. And you have more than three readers, you know you do.

noble pig said...

You are pretty good at film speak...I'll have to look for this one.


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