Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How'd it go?

So far, it's okay. I did not reformat. I ran a complete diagnostic check of all my hardware (twice for the ones I thought might be troubled, actually) and eveything came up in the clear. That tells me I may have a virus. It really can't be anything else unless my diagnostics check is lying to me. I ran it from the Boot to Utility Partition - I'm thinking it should be accurate.

This evening, my good friend Bille sent me some things I was unable to download over WLM. I got my anti-virus updated to the new version, I reinstalled IE 7, and ran a couple other programs. I still have to run another virus scan - if it shows nothing, then I will have to seek out another one to check again. Something is wrong, I just don't know what. In the meantime, I am ecstatic that my internet is working properly again & I can fix my blog. (adding & removing things was out of the question because IE wasn't letting me download or pop up anything, even from trusted sites & whatnot) One of my biggest annoyances is that I have removed some programs from my comp (software) and they still show up in my Add or Remove Programs list. If anyone knows how to make those go away, I would be eternally grateful! I don't know if that affects my HD storage, but since I am below 50% capacity, I'd like to make sure they are really gone.

So - wish me further luck. Worst case scenario is I will have to reformat - & since I do have everything backed up now (YAY!), I wouldn't mind a nice clean up of it all.


NOBLE PIG said...

You are seriously a techie aren't you! Good for you!

Lex the mom said...

Not entirely, just a little bit. I like to seem like I know what I'm doing. heh.

Blarney said...

You can defragment your hard drive (under accessories / system tools) then run a disk cleanup (also under systems tools). It's a long process for both but should help out.

Lex the mom said...

Thanks, Blarney! I defrag regularly every couple, few months (analyze but defrag only if it tells me I need to) and run a disk cleanup every 2 weeks. I use CCleaner for that. CCleaner can do many other things, too. It's a bit more versatile than the Windows disk clean up tool.

I got another tool of late, also - this thing called ATF-cleaner. It does the same thing as the other 2, but its supposed to be more thorough(?). The ATF focuses on mainly internet files (temp int, cookies, java cache, etc.). It's a good tool.


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