Monday, June 2, 2008


This is a fun contest devised by a "modern day alchemist", also known as the Talisman & author of the blog Misadventures. Posted are 9 images of objects magnified with a scanning electron microscope. The first round of the contest has passed, but you can still give it a shot in round 2. Now there are also 27 clues posted & the objects are listed in the clues, we just have to figure out which 9 objects represent which images. Also, if you post a link to the contest, you get 2 extra entries for the prize drawing!!

Personally, I enjoy games such as this one, so head on over & see if you have fun with it, like I did! Round 1 (to see the images) and round 2 to see if you can match the object to the image! By the way, most of my answers were uneducated guesses, it all about having fun for me - even if I do suck at it! (Not sure how I did, yet, waiting on baited breath. heh.)

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Carrie said...

Whoa, I entered and even the directions were over my head so I sent Outnumbered2to1 over there, she's smart like that.


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