Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A bit of comedy in the mire..the "F" word.

And a few other things I neglected to mention. Kyle had his first baseball game last Saturday & his team won. The summer league baseball they have here has the upper middle schoolers (7th & 8th) on teams with high school boys. It's quite cool, but more like a scrimmage type league - they play each other (3 teams for our town) & one other team. Kyle is playing with the big boys now!

For now, my comp has calmed down, but still isn't right. I don't want to shut down, yet, as there are things I want to get done before I do that. I want to figure out how to network our 2 computers on our router (haven't done that & had the router for a long time) just so I can transfer or copy files to the other comp. I hope that's what networking can do. As far as that is concerned, I am clueless. The only files I am truly concerned about are my pictures. I would lose soooooo much memories & history if I crashed for good. At the very least, I am getting an external HD tomorrow.

Comic relief? Well, I was down in Dock man's hole watching baseball with him & Dew came down. I can't remember what prompted this reaction (Dock man musta said something Dew found amusingly sarcastic - we're all sarcastic), but this is what happened:

Dew: If you do that, I'll call you the "F" word. (this is where cussing gets me & Dock in a bit of a pickle, and Dock's worse!!)

Dock: Huh? What "F" word? I don't know any "F" word.

Dew: The "F" word, you know - the real "F" word.

Dock: What word are you talking about? (I am begininng to grin deeply, have to turn away)

Dew: It's the bad word that starts with an "F".

Dock: Huh? Really, what word are you talking about? Tell me what it is.

Dew: (with great enthusiasm & laughter teeming in his voice) I can't say THAT! It's the "F" word! It starts Ffffff - uuuuuu (he's sounding the letters out s-l-o-w-l-y).

Dock: What is the word? Ffff - uuuu (sounding it out, too), never heard it.

(I want to stop Dock because I know this is so wrong, but I don't because I'm nearly giggling. I couldn't speak at the time)

Dew: I can't SAY IT! I'll get in trouble! It says Fff - uuuu, you know.

Dock: But I don't know, you have to tell me! Ff -

Dew: Nooooo! That's not it - it's a BAD word. A word I'm not supposed to say. Ffff - uuuuu.

Dock: If it's not fun, what is it?

Dew: I will get in sooo much trouble!

Dock: No, you won't get in trouble.

(as Dew talks about trouble, he looks directly at me. I have to concede & try not to smile)

Me: No, you won't this time! But since dad wants to know what word you want to call him, I will let it go. Just don't. say it. again.

Dew: It's F - u - c - k (he spelled it this time).

Dock: What? I still don't know that word. (he really wants him to say it)

Dew: Agggh! (he's happily exasperated and smiling sheepishly, I'm sure because he can't believe we are going to let him say it) F - u - c - k (spelling again).

Dock: Just say it, cause I don't have any idea what word you are talking about!

Dew: It sounds like Ffff-uuu-ccckkk (ever so s-l-o-w-l-y!!)

Dock: Ffff-uuu-ccckkk? Huh? (same slowness here)

Dew: (a bit of a boy squawky voice) Yeah!!

Then, he says it so quiet & in a pig like squeal. About 5 times.

Dock: That word? You want to call me that word? If you call me that, you better say it like a man & not in that squealy voice.

Dew said it a few more times, the same voice & couldn't stop laughing! Both Dock man & I were cracking up pretty good, too. Afterwards, of course we told him he wasn't allowed to say it until he was older. What's really odd about this - the only thing I've ever done is explain to them all that cussing is for grown ups - just like beer, cigarettes (I also tell them cigs suck & I hope they never start & the "whys" of this) & driving. It's always been enough to keep them from saying the words I use everyday. He feared saying it like it was uber taboo. Good! That's all I can say - he won't say it around us (unless Dock man urges him too, again! I don't think so, though). That it's good he fears the bad words.

I am awful, I know. Many of us have done this, so I know I'm not alone. Good laughter after a shitty day, even if it's laughter in an uncouth manner.

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Heather said...

Hilarious!! Poor kid...made to say the "F" word. That's okay. My husband has taught our daughters to like the smell of their own farts. Lovely.


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