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Some points I feel I need to make about the show this week - the additions of the new choreographers - AMAZING!  I loved the audacious, weird Chucky Klapow - David Bowie Fashion piece.  He’s cool and I look forward to seeing what he will bring to the show.  Justin Giles, Chucky Klapow, Shaun Everisto, Liz Lira & Ray Leeper are the new choreographers on the show.  They did well their first go round with the exception of Shaun Everisto.  I thought his piece was sweet, but it lacked the energy & buckness (cause buckness fits) one expects from a hip hop routine.

Carmen Electra.  Why?  That was just not a smart move on the part of Nigel & the producers.  She may have dance background, but she doesn’t & didn’t qualify as a judge at all (neither did Debbie Reynolds, but she was at least fun!).

I loved seeing Travis Wall as a judge.  He knows his what he‘s talking about, so he was a breath of fresh air on the panel.  He earned his keep on that panel and he’s one of my favorite choreographers for sure.

I am so not a fan of Ryan, still.  & now, knowing that she’s a Mia Michaels prodigy, I like her even less.  Not because of Mia, I love Mia, it just doesn’t seem fair that Ryan was able to benefit from the kind of mentorship that none of the other contestants did.  Meh, my opinion.  Ryan is an amazing dancer, so she deserves to be there & hopefully she will make it through this week.  I don’t see why not - they were amazing.  Had I voted, I would have voted for Ricky & Ryan this week.

My 4 faves this week, I couldn’t just pick one.

The Beautiful (2):
Jordan & Tadd (Tadd is blowing my MIND!) - Choreographed Waltz (Siren seducing her victim) by Toni Redpath

Caitlynn & Mitchell - Choreographed Contemporary (beautiful new love) by Mandy Moore

The Emotionally Spent Lovers:
Clarice & Jess (he just keeps bringing it every week - I love him! He’s adorable.  I wonder if he’ll fit in my pocket?) - Choreographed Contemporary (a love that needs to be over) by Justin Giles New guy, awesome!! He did the guy’s group thing, too, which was stellar!

The Wild:
Ricky & Ryan - Choregraphed Jazz (fashion zombies) by Chucky Klapow New guy, quirky awesome!

The girls in the couples routines are still amazing - each & every one of them.  The boys are catching up, quickly!  In my opinion, because it seems most of the boys are coming from farther behind (not the same kind of experience or training), they are impressing me so much more.

I have to share this one because it is just an amazing piece!  It was choreographed by Justin Giles.  His concept was one man going through the seven stages of grief after losing a love.  It is so well performed, you can feel it.

Markus & Melanie kill it every week, but the routines I posted were my standouts.  I never imagined I would love dance this much, so I thank SYTYCD for being on the air.  Without it, I wouldn’t even know how great it is.  I never thought about dance this way before, I just never thought about it.  And, I don’t ’know if I really want to share this, but I will.  Every week there is a piece that makes me cry.  How many things do we see that can move us to tears?  The choreography that tells the stories, the music that’s put to the dance & the dancers themselves make it an amazing experience.  It’s not for everyone, but if you have it in you - check it out!

Special thanks to music4life327 for putting up the vids every week.  I appreciate it & I hope you don’t mind my using them..

Spoiler! (mouse over to read.)

I was shocked that Ricky & Ryan were in the bottom 3.  In a way.  I agree with the judges, I don’t think they connect well with America.  I figured it would have been Sasha & Alexander, not because they were bad, they weren’t, but because the routine was mediocre.  It was sweet, but wasn’t what anyone expects from hip hop.  It was soft.

As I expected, once the bottom 3 was announced, R & R with Tadd & Jordan (I know!  Shocked! But there has to be a bottom 3) and Ashley & Chris, I knew who the judges were going to send home.  Tonight we said goodbye to Ashley & Chris.  Weirdly enough, they have been sending home the guy & girl as couples, so far.  It doesn’t mean they will continue to do that, it’s just how it’s been so far.

Only one more cut before the all-stars hit the stage with the contestants!!

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