Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RemebeRED - My first contribution

This will be my first time participating in RemembeRED.  I have a thing about taking trips down memory lane, so hopefully, my contributions will be worthwhile to those who take the time to read them.  I know I'll enjoy reading the posts of others, it's in my semi-voyeuristic nature (not the weirdo voyeur, the curiosity one - if there is such a thing).

Join in the writing, if you want to share!

 Family Time with the Browns

We moved to a suburban neighborhood when I was turning 12.  For my parents, it was the ultimate move because it was the first house they ever owned.  My dad was elated to have a mortgage, rather than a rent payment.  The house was his, ours.

Over the years, we flip-flopped rooms several times.  The split level house had 4 bedrooms.  One was an add-on to the garage.  The only people in the house who occupied that room at any given time were my older brother & when we first moved in, my parents.  I never wanted that room - it was in the garage, after all (blocked off by a wall, but still in the garage...).

I had the pink room - upstairs at the back of the short hall, common sense told my parents when they viewed the house that it would be my room.  I wasn't crazy about it.  Pink (carnation pink) walls & green shag carpet - ew!  I did have that room for most of my life in that house.  I also occupied the room downstairs & the master bedroom upstairs next to mine, across from the bathroom at other times.

When my parents occupied the master bedroom, they put a small tv (13 inch) on top of my mom's old wardrobe.  That tiny little tv was the source of so many fun memories & time spent together as a family.  My dad didn't often hush us when we were all together watching tv.  Because we did, in fact, watch the shows.

My parents LOVED China Beach.  Kind of a M*A*S*H for Vietnam.  I wasn't always interested in the show, but I did enjoy just being in there while they watched it.  The closeness I felt with my family is what always brought me in there to watch TV.

The Cosby show is probably the most significant memory evoking tv show that we shared.  That & Cheers.  So many laughs were shared watching those 2 shows & the comments we'd shoot around while watching would be sometimes snide, but oh so much fun!  We could pick on each other without anyone getting hurt or angry.  We would compare our own short comings with those the Cosby kids experienced.  Overall, I think we all took some things away from the Cosby family.  That was when tv was still wholesome & good.

It was so much more about the time we spent together, my dad in the chair, my mom, me & my little bro on the bed & my older brother either standing around or on the edge of the bed.  I never thought tv shows would be a source of joy, but it has been & whenever I see an old episode of the Cosby Show or Cheers, I can't help but feel nostalgic & want to be back in that room, hanging out with my family.  We all live all around the country, so the memories are like a warm, distant hug when I get to feeling them.


Elisa said...

I had pink and white walls with lime green carpet too. Was that the trend in the '80s? Loved Cosby and Cheers too. Great choices. Nice post!

Kim said...

I hope that my kids will one day look back and feel the same as you do about spending time with us. Loved this post.

Galit Breen said...

I, too, loved the Cosby Show and Cheers!

I think that you captured the essence of this prompt with this -It was so much more about the time we spent together, my dad in the chair, my mom, me & my little bro on the bed & my older brother either standing around or on the edge of the bed- memories being made, yes?

Great job with your first post! :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I'm a bit older than you, I think, but I watched these shows in the 80's as well and it was a good time because my kids were just toddlers. :)

Great first effort! I hope you continue. :)

julie moore said...

I could realate to your post because we moved into a split level when I turned 8 years old. We watched TV together every week and it definitely bonded us closer. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier.


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