Thursday, July 21, 2011

I want my brain to function

Okay, I know it does otherwise my fingers wouldn't be moving to type this up.  I just don't feel like it's working right.  This lapse in brain power will be over soon, hopefully within the next 2 weeks.  My surgery was moved to next Tuesday (cause in my mind a badly diseased organ should not be left to fester in my body for longer than it has to - it's already been too long).

Anyhoo - I have been looking at the photo for this week's Red Writing Hood prompt and I can't even tell what types of weird have been entering & flowing through my thoughts.  Makes me wonder if I'm a freak in normal clothing. 

We tried a gaming free day yesterday.  It lasted well into the evening.  Then I went to get some clothes, forgot my all important coupon and got sidetracked to GameStop.  I have a new game & so do the youngsters.  I have no will power!  (Okay, technically, I didn't start playing til well after midnight, but the kids got to play before they went to bed.)  I'm a gamer - in case I haven't mentioned that.  Maybe not a real gamer, but if I get a new game I enjoy, I can become obsessed with it.  If I find the notion to, I will let you know how I feel about LA Noire.  I've wanted this game since its release back in May.  I just can't always go pick up things I want when I want them, you know the whole food, bills & family thing.

I didn't get to post a SYTYCD recap last week, so look for one this week.  The All Stars were on this week & I am so glad to see them!  The dancers this year are stellar, but the levels of greatness is always lifted when the All Stars are in the mix.

The Scyfy channel was left on last night (meaning no one changed it over night, not that the tv was left on - I'd kick some ass for that).  And I start to hear this familiar theme music.  I turn my head & couldn't help but smile.  I did not know they still had syndicated episodes of The Greatest American Hero on the air!  I didn't love the show, but it was fun.

This would be a great post for Friday Fragments.  I'm thinking I will link it up tomorrow, with maybe a bit more.

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