Friday, July 1, 2011

A Fragmented kind of week.

Weird how some weeks just feel like this. Bits & pieces.

Sunday I got to spend time with my lovely friend Jill & her family. We ended up hanging out all day, kids had smores over a bonfire. I wish I had my camera with me. Andy made his first couple of marshmallows and nearly burned them through. Didn't matter cause he ate them anyway. His cheeks & all around his mouth were covered in mallow ash. It looked like a he fell flat on his face in dirt.

I also got to cook in Jill's kitchen. Her husband redid it for her (lucky! cause he really did the work, didn't have to hire someone) a couple of years ago & it's truly a dream kitchen. It has a bow ceiling. It has mahogany cabinets (not entirely sure of the wood, but they are a gorgeous reddish wood), & a beautiful island with a huge pot rack over head. She is a keen decorator, too. I love being in her kitchen.

I am a home decor voyeur. If I take any kind of drive at night, I slowly pass people's home & try to peek in windows to see how they decorate. What do they have on their walls? What kind of furniture do they have? How did they paint or are the walls stark? I'm a weirdo like that. I really just want to see the decor. If I see a person, I look away. There's this one house around here. I think the guy bought it just to flip it. He's been in it for months & it has a large picture window (no window treatments at all). All I see in there is camping chairs, a big flat TV & much construction stuff. Either that, or he's just remodeling it for himself.

The weather was just about perfect last week. Not hot at all, perfectly cooler evenings.

I'm not sure what made me want to, but this week I watched a couple of 9/11 conspiracy documentaries. All I can say is there were a lot of things that were (seemingly) evidential and really made me wonder. In some aspects of each of them, I am on the fence with my opinion. Some of the evidence (and it's very convincing) seems downright realistic and terrifying all at the same time.

We need to start doing things of substance this summer. Haven't done much of anything.

Last night we had storms blowing through that were loud & bright. The loudest & brightest in years. I hate being woken up by thunder several times a night.

Big plans this weekend, maybe a "cup runneth over" kind of weekend. The in-laws in town, an open house & a good friend's party (with jello shots...maybe).

Friday Fragments, join the fray

Mommy's Idea


Bethany said...

mmmm jello has been to long.
Happy Friday Fragment day!!!

Rebecca said...

We've been having those storms lately. One day last week, we had a large storm system move through the area. It started around 11pm and didn't end until around 2am. It lasted forever, nothing too severe (just nickle size hail), but still. Yikes, right?~

Unknown Mami said...

Say hello to the jello shots for me and have a wonderful weekend.

Stasha said...

I love reading your random thoughts. It is like sitting down with a dear friend, having a cuppa and catching up. Joy.

doreen said...

We could so be friends...I so peek into other houses too! I love going to open houses just to see how they are decorated! My own house is such a construction mess.
Have a positive week and I will be thinking of you whenever I am peeking...

Mrs4444 said...

Hope you got to enjoy some of those jello shots :)

I like window-peeking (from the street!haha), too.

I actually enjoy thunderstorms, even when they wake me up!

Summers are FOR not doing much of anything! :)

Are you hiding your email address, Lex? :) I would like to reply to some of your comments, but it always comes up "no-reply blogger."

Lex the mom said...

I didn't know there was an option to be hidden. I just type & hit the button. I'm always logged into blogger, so my email should be available. I'll email my email to your email. ;)

Thanks everyone, for dropping by & saying hello!

Doreen - too bad we can't take a drive together to open houses & around hoods. We'd have bundles to talk about!

Stasha - that's such a lovely thing to say.:) I kinda feel the same reading your regular posts. Here's clinking that virtual cuppa joe. Cheers!

Rebecca - the storms are spooky to look at, wondering if it'll be "that one!". We don't often get tornadoes up here, but we can. That is my only fear. I love the thunder & lightning, though. Especially the light storm we had this time.

About the jello shots - I almost didn't want to make them. Then I found this awesome site dedicated to the experimentation of making jello shots. After reading, I had to & I made these - It was fun to do but also a P.I.T.A. (next time, I'm sticking to plain old jello shots, nothing this fancy). I'll post my recipe & some pics of my own tomorrow. Getting ready to head to the party!


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