Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Small steps

So I thought I'd begin my changes by writing down what I wanted to accomplish each day. I haven't done that yet. I did have a conversation with Kyle and I had a couple of arguments with the hub. I went to the lake house Saturday to visit the inlaws, I went to my friend's house Sunday for a barbecue. We had a little blow out between the hub & the kid (oh so very ugly!) and we're still trying to tame Andewd. And, yes, he needs taming like a wild animal.

Writing down, blogging, same difference (my dad's favorite oxymoron).

For tomorrow I will:

Finish the laundry (my nemesis)
Call a client/hostess
Start my blog redesign
Ship the bracelet

Not a big to do list, but it's a beginning. These things are things I would normally put off until "I feel like it". I will post at the end of the day, to remind myself what I accomplished & what I did not. I have evening plans, but that's neither here nor there. I can do what's on this list. Putting this out there for myself makes me promise myself that I will get it done.

I was just perusing my blog looking for posts about my enemy (laundry) & I realized I haven't ever really posted about how much I hate it. But, boy do I!! It's not that I mind washing & drying, that's the easy part. It's the folding & putting away. Yeah! My little ones are getting older, so they can cart their clothes up the stairs & to their drawers. Bad thing about that is, I like to finish my laundry at night, when they're in bed. At any rate - laundry sucks because it just NEVER ends! You can say the same thing about the dishes, but for some reason, I don't mind the dishes.

It was hot today. The kids got to play in the sprinkler (make shift sprinkler, cause ours broke last summer) for about 5 minutes. Really. Before I came inside to start dinner, I told them both not to pick up the hose, cause if either one of them did, some trouble would be started. Less than 5 minutes later, the Princess screamed, then started crying. She called into the house "Andy sprayed me in the face!" She is not in love with water in her face. She still has to have the wash cloth over her eyes (and ears) to wash her hair. So, I went out, turned off the water & sent them both in the house. Fluffy Fart didn't mind. She was pissed about the dripping face. The Dewd, however, was squealing and stomping all the way in the house, up the stairs, down the hall & into the bedroom. I don't know that he will ever be ungrounded. It's hard to reward his good behavior when it's fleeting. Then he gets his reward & a short time later, he's losing that very reward. I went into the bedroom & asked him what I said right before I came inside. He said "not to pick up the hose". I asked him why, he said "because it would be trouble". I asked him if there was trouble, he said "yes". I asked him what kind of trouble, he said "I sprayed Maia in the face". So, yeah...5 minutes.


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