Sunday, May 4, 2008

A new Vacuum!

Domesticity at its finest. So, I bought the Hoover Mach 5. It's a cyclonic vacuum, comparable to the Dyson vacs, or so they claim. I have never used a Dyson, so I don't have that comparison to make. I do, however, have a comparison to my old vacuum. This baby seems to have rocket powered suction! The new Hoover sucked up so much cat hair, you'd think I hadn't vacuum in 2 weeks. I know my cat didn't lose that much hair since I last vacuumed. I'm thinking that is the residual stuff my old vacuum couldn't suck up. I am very happy. It's also quieter than the old one.

When I brought it in, you'd have thought I had a new puppy or some awesome new toy for the kids. They were all over it! My oldest here, he does the stairs for me. He was ready to get on that job the moment he got the vacuum put together. Yes, he started on putting it together before I could even get settled in & get the other stuff put away. It's shiny & has bright metallic orange buttons. The little ones wanted to push each & every one. It's cool & they were happier than I was.

Being that I'm tired, this all sounds very mundane, almost boring. I guess it's not something I'm all that passionate about. It doesn't take much for something like a new vacuum to not be so exciting any more, especially once you have to use it.

I was thinking about Candid Carrie's blog today - great read. It got me to thinking about all the documentaries I have watched about Global Warming. I believe it is highly probable this will happen eventually if changes aren't made - I think it'll happen regardless of changes we make. I don't believe it will be altogether cataclysmic for a very long time, though. My reasons for believing it as truth? I do understand that climate changes are common throughout history. We have much recorded weather history to look back on gauging these changes. Some of them were severe, some were not so severe. I also am rather certain that within this history, there hasn't been the glacier melting at the speed it is today. At least not in the recorded history. I'm sure it has happened several times over the life of the Earth. I think the energies we use & the amount in which we use them does have a profound affect on the gasses that accumulate in our atmosphere. This because there are more people, more cars, more everything than there has ever been on this planet. All of these gasses, more than ever emitted, do gather up there & are causing the earth to warm. If the glaciers melt, there is more dark ocean to absorb the heat & less white ice to reflect it. The more heat that gets absorbed, the more melting there will be and the warmer the Earth will become. While I believe the Earth is going through a very normal earthly transition, I also believe that we are speeding up the process.

Over the time the Earth has existed, scientists will attest it's had its share of Global Warmings. Many natural & some brought about by catastrophic events. I'd just like our lovely planet to be around until my kids', kids', kids' are grown & even longer. I dont' want to see anything drastic happen while I'm still alive, or my kids. I'm not an activist, but I do try to do my share to help in my little kingdom. For now, that's all I can do.

I hate doing this when I'm tired. I see to repeat too many things, too often. Making sense isn't my strong suit feeling this sleepy, but being boring is. I have to remind myself in here to talk about how much I don't know & still have to learn for next time. & about my writing blog, I lost the bug, but I am still going to do the opposing perspective.

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Carrie said...

Hey you --

1. I heard that the better a vacuum sucks the faster global warming can occur! ha ha

2. I have the Dyson Animal and it actually sucks the hair right off the cat (even if the cat isnt' in the room)!

3. The sleepier you get, the more sense you make.



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