Thursday, May 8, 2008

The house of movie quotes and nonsense words

I don't care if you believe it
that's the kind of house I live in
and I hope we never leave it - Dr. Suess

"They call me...Carliiiiiitoooooo, Carlito Brigante" Of course Dock man puts his spin on it. And Andy is Benny from the Bronx. - Carlito's Way

"You blEewW iiit!" After a child had decided against something & has changed their mind or the child is asking for something they got grounded from. - Copland

Conversations with Dad:

7 "Dad, can I go outside?"

Dock man "Why?"

7 "Because I want to play out there & drive my car & stuff."

Dock man "Is the recosigned in place?"

7 "Hehheh, yes."

Dock man "Really? How about the farfegnougats?"

7 (lauging now) "Yes."

Dock man "Okay, so the frictions of the renacoles can't get you & the sarfisigns are put away? Is that right, friction face?"

7 (almost rolling on the floor) "Yes, dad."

Dock man "Okay, then...Carlito says you can go outside...who says?"

7 "Carliiitttooo Brigante."

Really, that is an everyday occurence here, that type of conversation. Fortunately, our daughter is the only one who is adopting the made up words in her vocab and, lately, making up her own.

We are driving home from somewhere & the dreaded "are we there yet" is asked by one of them. Andy (7) is good with the movie lines. He goes into the whole Incredibles part, in the rv. You know, when Helen is all elasticated like a glider, carrying them to the city.

He says "We'll get there when we get there"

Maia chimes in with him - "How ya doin' honey?"
"Do I have to answer?"
"Kids, strap yourselves down like I told you. Ready?"

And it goes until they get to Traction Avenue ("..don't take 7, take Traction."). This happens almost every time we go somewhere that has travelling time of more than 20 minutes. Both of them together, usually. I may just have to record that one day. It'll be a good memory to relive.

Another of Dock man's favorite lines - "You can't handle the truth!" Thrown around in any conversation, just for the fun of it.

Also from A Few Good Men - "Are we clear?" and if you dont' say the right word... "Are we clear?!" He wants to hear "Crystal". Oi. Most often this is in jest, I've never heard him movie quote when he means it.

The stories he has made up over the years are ludicrous (and, in my opinion, stupid), but the kids want to hear them over & over again. For example...once upon a time there was a big fat guy & a little skinny guy. They were friends. One day, they went out to eat. The big fat guy asks the little skinny guy, "What do you want to eat?" The little skinny guys says "I don't know" and the big fat guy says "I'll order for you." The little skinny guy says "What if I don't like it?" The big fat guy says "You'll eat it & you'll like it!" The end. Huh? The kids laugh & laugh....I think it's in the delivery.

Another good movie line - "Shut it down!" from the movie Dark City. Dock man always sas that when lights are going off or when his computer is getting shut down.

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