Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First mowing of the year

It didn't actually happen, but my intentions were good. I pulled out the old self propelled hand mower, checked the gas, added some and went to pull the starter, nope. It was stuck. I actually got the wrench, the only one we have, and tried to unscrew the bolts to take the cover off. No good, Tony had to come with his muscle, as the bolts were painted over and he could only manage to loosen one. The other 2 were too deep in their molded areas & our wrench was too big. I am the fixer here & if I'd have been able to get inside, I may have been able to figure it out. Of course I could use the good ole John Deere ride on, but I am afraid of what that'll do to Tony's mind & heart. I am content with the manual one, if it'll work.

I did accomplish cleaning out my flower beds. We get the strangle of those long bladed grassy weeds. I'm not sure what they are, but they really do infect the soil with their well established root systems. I hate them because they are ever present. I am going to research the best way to get rid of them because I don't want to have to be constantly pulling them this summer.

Since I didn't get to mow today, our good hearted neighbor said I could use his ride on mower (not going there, I don't think the ride ons are the answer). Then he mentioned he had a manual self propelled one he's used only once. So tomorrow, weather permitting, I will be borrowing our neighbors mower to get our unruly grass in order. Hopefully by the weekend, I'll be ready to fertilize and de-weed the grass. Our unhealthy lawn will actually get healthy this year because I intend on taking care of it. Tony isn't a good lawn man, not at all.

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