Thursday, February 16, 2012

"waaahhhahahah" (muffled sounding crowd cheers)

That is what it would sound like if my blog were like the Superbowl of blogs - hey, the "once a year" thing fits.  It isn't.  I don't mind not having any fanfare because I've always been so inconsistent and I'm not really into that.

There has been a lot of good stuff going on in my life lately.  I started college in January.  Took the plunge into higher education.  I am enjoying my education so far, but I'm finding myself climbing the fence on my area of study.  I can go into more detail of that later.  For now, I just want to encourage myself to do this blog thing on a regular basis.

Writing has always been important in my life.  The earliest I can remember writing becoming important to me is around the age of 10 or so.  In order to write, I must write.  Even if it is blah.  Faithful friends and readers (echo, echo-o, echo-o-o) - okay, I am strictly speaking to myself because I need a good talking to - I duly swear to become a consistent blogger.  It is what I'm going to call "my craft".  I may not be good or perfect at it, but it's what I love.  I also promise to participate in one free write thing a month.

I think this is so often why I "go away".  I get myself involved in too many memes and want to do everything there is to do, comment on every blog I enjoy reading.  I am not that person, by nature.  I need to limit myself on what I get involved in, as far as blogging goes.  I just hope that I don't keep finding excellent blogs to read.    I know I will have my select few that I always return to and comment on.

You may notice as time passes that my writing may become a little more organized.  It may make more sense.  It may flow the way it's supposed to.  Of course, that's what a college writing course will do.  I will be able to apply that, at least, in my life.

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