Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tough for some not so tough for others

There are probably some things I can blog about every day.  One of the better things about this being my blog, I can decide what's blog worthy & what isn't.  Most of what goes on in my life on a daily basis isn't, so much.  The whole purpose of this thing, to write.  Write, write, and write.  I just have to consider my topics.  But really, do I have to?  One of the things that drives me forward is "free writing".  It's what opens my mind up - even if what rolls under my fingers on the keyboard is blather.

In my writing course at school, we're working on a personal narrative.  I keep telling myself I don't like writing about  my life, yet it's what I do here.  Ha haaaaa!  Is this easier?  Yes, because it's free writing, not structured writing.  Our first draft of the narrative is due on Wednesday.  Then we get to participate in a peer review.  I like that part, when it's effective.  If the person critiquing my paper is afraid to be honest about what they read, then I can't make it right.  We've only done this once, so far - critiqued.  A bit more practice is in order because I don't believe I am an authority on the process of writing.  I can only critique a paper based on what I, the reader, want to be reading.

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