Monday, February 14, 2011

One Monday to the next

& it is just endless, right? The Mondays just keep coming.

Things are different this week. I am still a Tupperware consultant & had a semi successful grand opening party. Because I was being trained, there is no commission and I am very cool with that! My director offered up the gifts & incentives for my 3 party datings. Hopefully, I can get Amanda's TupperConnect party going full swing this week. I will just have to kick her in the rear. She's not only a customer, she's also my friend. Rear kicking is allowed. :)

& I go back for interview number 2 today - with Walmart. The first one went well, the manager I talked to was very talkative. She was also very nice, a good thing when you know that's who will be telling you what to do and who you'll be working with side by side.

I also have Princess Fluffyfart's V Day party at school. And, and it feels o warm outside. Amazing how sub-zero temps make 40 degrees feel balmy.

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