Monday, February 28, 2011

Just plain busy!

So I sign up to be a Tupperware consultant & my Walmart app goes thru, they call for an interview. Days later, I'm working in the deli! I have 2 jobs now! My first 2 parties are on Thursday & Friday this week - I am uber excited about them. Can't wait to get going on that.

I am enjoying working in the deli, something I didn't know if I would. I picked it up lightning fast and feel like I've already been there for months. I know how working with the public can be, but you get what you give. Give a smile, get one back. Going in at 4:pm today & closing for the 3rd time. I hope I can do something else besides the cases today. They're not all that terrible, but I want to do more than just that. I close with someone other than Lucy, so we'll see how the work is doled out.

I have 2 sickies @ home today. Princess Flufffyfart has been battling a fever since Saturday. A flu strain, I'm positive. Now the Dude is feverish, too. I am hoping I don't get it.

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