Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is here!

The weather sucks. Things have been hectic over the last week, but it's been fun having them all around. Is it time to start school again? ;)

I want to plan some fun free things to do this summer (weather permitting, which it hasn't yet). We live only 40 minutes from the Nat'l & State Lakeshore (Lake Michigan) and our beach days are always fun! I like taking them to the park, but not ours. There's a drainage ditch right next to it, so the mosquitoes are terrorists there. If they weren't still working on the school, then I'd go there. I'm thinking it's time to investigate parks in near by towns.

There is always the library, too. I'm just so bad at maintaining a relationship with the library. I like keeping my books. It would be fun for the kids & maybe a sacrifice I have to finally break down & make. *sigh*

I know I can keep us all busy. Over 4th of July weekend, the inlaws will be out at the lake. I have some photos of the kids on Grandpa's new boat. Over Memorial day weekend, we got to go for a few rides, then the following weekend, too. They LOVED it! Having never been on a boat before, I was excited to go. After all was said & done, it was no biggie. Kinda cool being on the water & going fast, but I kept thinking one of the kids was going to go flying out of the boat. If all of us were adults, I may have enjoyed it a bit more. I am sooo paranoid sometimes, even though they were all wearing vests.

There really is so much to do around here. I want to check more out.


Susie said...

Sounds like a GREAT summer:-)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

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Coco said...

The kids must be keeping you really busy. I went to your store but there was nothing there. I bet you are anxious for school to start.

O'Neal (The Woman In Charge Around Here) said...

Ditto on the store, did aliens abduct you? You know, those little monsters that destroy your house, eat all your food and call you Mom? LMAO! Sorry I've been such a bum friend, I PROMISE I'll sit down and write now that the big kids started back to school today - YAY! I am SO glad the summer is coming to a close, it sure has been a wild one and I am ready to get back to some sort of a normal calm schedule!

I need to talk to you also about some jewelry...the chic that won the $15 credit in the Christmas give away regifted it to ME (YAY!) and I was wanting to check out your handy work! I also need to go ahead and start working on some early Christmas shopping ;).

Talk to you soon, LOVE you LOTS! XOXO

Coco said...

Lady you have been gone a year. I hope you are doing okay and all is well. Hopefully you are just busy with life and nothing major has happened.


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