Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy and stagnant

That's just how it's been lately. I'm in the process of getting ready for our town's annual town wide garage sale. It's a pretty big deal & up until this year, I never had anything to sell...not really. This year I can clean out my garage & sell/get exposure for my jewelry. I have to work on flyers to give away at the thing. Hopefully, I can generate some scheduled parties!

I dunno if I'm going through a midlife something or other or if I'm just trying to figure out the day - each day. I feel very socially unmotivated, whether it's out in public or on the internet public. I keep thinking how important it is to me to get back into my blog. I miss it & the people I've gotten to know.

I didn't watch the show Bones too much before last year, but boy am I addicted to it! I love the humor in it. There are many crime dramas out there that incite a bit of humor here & there, but this! I laugh out loud a lot! The team of actors just seem to have awesome chemistry together. I am grateful the last couple of weeks have given me a couple extra eps to watch. Nothing cooler than that.

I'm sure when I'm ready, I will delve more into my issues. Maybe once I work them out, I will actually have more to offer.

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Susie said...

Sometimes, you just want to shut the door and pull the covers up:-) I hope you come back soon but take your time:-) Return when the muse hits you!


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