Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And here she is...

She really is a beautiful baby! Neveah resembles her daddy for sure, but she does also look like her mom. She weighed 7#s 3 ozs.

Just after she was born!

A very happy daddy!

Neveah is so alert & just a doll! I wish I could hold her.

Proud papa! Home at last!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope all of my friends in the blogging world will be spending a wonderful evening with someone they love, being happy!

On another note, last night, just before midnight on the west coast, my son Steven's girlfriend Bre gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Nevaeh! She is healthy & mom's doing great. I am now officially a Grandma! Great grandma says Nevaeh looks just like Steven when he was born!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have an idea

And I can thank Teri for it - I miss reading her (like so many of you), but by the end of the day, I am so done with sitting at my computer it isn't even funny. No complaints, because business is business.

My idea has to do with my back story. We all have one & this way, some of you who want to can know better who I am. Just little tidbits, is all I plan to write. Things that some may find interesting, maybe even a little funny, who knows. It's just something I want to attempt to work on. Maybe it will be soul cleansing, too.

The snow we had is ALL GONE! Completely. We had a minor heat wave, got into the 60s on Monday & Tuesday, plus rain. It's so good not to have any snow on the ground. It makes me happy & hopeful for spring.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOTS of snow!

I am a weather watcher. On Tuesday, I sat down for a while & watched the band of lake effect snow growing over Lake Michigan. A little after noon, it began to snow, then it was near a whiteout for a while. Around 1:45, I got a call from 14 asking me to come get them because they were getting out early - no surprise because the snow was coming down like mad!

We came home & I kept checking in on that band, on 2 weather sites. That thing just kept hanging & hanging & the line of snow kept growing upwards, meaning it was going to continue to come down here. And it did, boy it did!

By the end of it, we ended up with over 18" of snow. It is pretty & cool, but I am so over snow this winter, it's not funny anymore.

Just a comparison with a mailbox view - never mind the ladybug. ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things I ponder and a Super Bowl WIN!

My Steelers have done it again for a record SIX Super Bowl rings. It wasn't the most disciplined super bowl in history, not by any stretch. In fact, it probably was the sloppiest championship game I've seen in any sport in quite a while. The Cards & Steelers played some sloppy, chippy ball for a while, at one point the Cards generously offered 35 yards in personal fouls on one drive alone, not to mention one OL guy holding 3 times & getting caught 3 times. Sloppy.

I was more than miffed when the ref threw a flag that gave the Cards a safety on a ticky-tacky holding call in the endzone, when the Big Ben completed the pass to Holmes on 3rd & long to pick up the first down. It's stuff like that that makes fans wonder if a fix is in. It was a phantom call, no legit holding or impeding of the defensive linemen to the QB - simply a fall down grab of the jersey. Watching the refs all season, I understand that many calls come from personal judgement. In a game this important, that call should never be made, IMO. They say holding can be called on nearly every offensive play. If a fan watches closely, they can see that is true.

The outcome wasn't affected by that call, fortunately, but I couldn't help feeling incomplete at the end of this one. Not because I didn't enjoy the win, it was blissful, but because the call should have come to REVIEW the last offensive play by the Cards, where Kurt Warner was coming down & had the ball stripped. On the field it was called a fumble. It should have been reviewed to ensure it was the right call. I do believe it was close & I don't believe there was enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. How would it have affected the outcome should it have been overturned & ruled an incomplete pass instead, no one will ever know.

One more thing that bothered me. The final touchdown scored by Pittsburgh. Oh how I wanted to scream with joy & celebrate that play. Immediately, we knew there was going to be a review. That completey took the joy from the celebration. It was a legit review, had to be done. I just wanted to revel in the moment. *sigh* Awesome, AWESOME catch!

While watching commercials during the super bowl, some were funny, but most were boring. Anheuser Busch spewed some serious cash for their ads - so many! Watching that day & yesterday, all commercials, I often wonder why everything has to be so politically correct. The latest commercial for Verizon Wireless, the Italian family at the barbecue. Why did they remove the line "Not my real uncle, but he doesn't owe me money. He's a keeper." How is that offensive? Everyone knows it's never a good thing to lend money to family. It doesn't matter what type of family it is, either. It's just a no-no, relatively speaking. Dumb if you ask me. That line gave the commercial a bit of humor.


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