Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Think Pink!

PhotobucketWe all know that October is a very important month. It's important because the focus is on awareness for Breast Cancer and seeking a cure.

I've not been personally touched by Breast Cancer, but I do know people who have been.

In honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness - I will offer some jewelry for auction right here on my blog.

How will it work? Once I've posted the set or the earrings, I will post a starting bid & anyone who wants to bid can do so by leaving a comment.

I will host one to 2 items for bid each week for the rest of the month.

Please consider bidding and helping support Breast Cancer awareness. 95% of proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation.

Watch later tonight or tomorrow for the first item up for bid. Thanks & THINK PINK!


Brandi said...

Cool idea! Any kind of cancer research is very improtant. Both of my bio parents died from cancer. So I appluad you trying to help bring awareness to this amazing cause!

Karol said...

That's a great idea!! I will be definitely keeping an eye for the auctions!!!

Blarney said...

Great idea! I'll check 'em out ~ the girls and the items. ;)

Mamahut said...

OH I am so ready to bid. I love your cute little earrings. I hate cancer. Great idea!

Susie said...

That's a great idea to raise money and awareness of this worthy cause. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and so, I got my first mamogram at 30...mostly to get a baseline. Important for those with a family history and density.


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