Friday, October 24, 2008

A post for the day

Just cause I don't want to leave Friday without one. Maybe I'll be back later to say something more interesting. Probably, but the way I am there are no guarantees! I suck like that!

All y'all (I don't know either...) are super cool & I still have some blogs to visit, but 14 is telling me it's his turn and saying things like "poop on a stick" because he can't play yet & I'm "still commenting?". Off to finish up the beef stew (not eat it all, just finish the final touches)!


careysue said...

Well "I" am glad that you did. Post that is!

It must be a soupish day I made my favorite chili...yum.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

oh goodness if only i had the fortitude to post so that i just had one up for the day! i have so many things racing through my brain all the time... maybe i should start making lists haha!

Erin The Great said...

Oooh Beef Stew! That sounds really good.

christie said...

Just stopping by to say hi!
I hope business is good for you.
I do want to order more earring soon (Christmas presents).
I gave a pair that you made to one of my girlfriends. She LOVED them. So I had to show her the other earrings you made for me. She's in love (as am I).
Talk to you soon!

Mamahut said...

Yeah Ditto on what christie said!

Have you ever told your kids "mine..mine, mine alllll mime! That's what I tell my kids when they want my computer. Thats why they are such polite little monsters!

Amanda said...

You're nicer than I am. No computer for kids at home. But I'm a mean mom like that. I also don't let my 7yo play video games. His behavior was just out of control with them, so I can't be the "cool mom" in that respect until he's older and can control himself.


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