Thursday, October 30, 2008

Man...I am going to really miss

ER!! I loved seeing Ray tonight - how cool was that? As much as Aussie (Anspaugh's grandson or nephew, whatever) gigolo was on my shit list, he is actually warming up to me. It seems he is beginning to care, not just about what he does, but the women he's dissed. But - I was pissed he interrupted some catching up between Neela & Ray. It is Neela, the reason he's taking a new outlook. That's just my opinion, though & as much as I'd love Ray to stick around & become Neela's sig other - I think Nella & Aussie are going to hit it again.

I am loving Angela Basset in there! She is hard nosed with a purpose & maybe, by the end of the show, she'll start having some fun.

Any ideas on what to watch next season? My Thursday nights are going to suck with William Peterson leaving CSI & no more ER. How sad am I? That's been my go to for over 8 years. That's the one night of the week I religiously watch TV. What am I going to do...*sigh*

GH was awesome & I am glued tomorrow for the marathon! I know there will be a couple episodes I missed last season, then the awesome 7 hour live event! I'll miss the first hour (at least, I'm taking the kids trick or treating - which will be fun!!), but I'll be sitting in for the rest! Last year the live show was awesome!!

Scargosun - you said Steve (GH) sometimes bugged you - he's too soft spoken & heartwarmingly weird to bug me. Andy was awful & so was Brian! I have a hard time watching GH Internat'l because of Andy. Something about him just gives me the willies. And - huge congrats on the Phillies taking the big series - first Philadelphia Championship team since 1983! I was flipping back and forth during commercials. I had the feeling they were taking it yesterday.

I saw Sex & The City the movie the other day & I was impressed with the story! I miss that show, too - I used to watch that religiously. I didn't know how the movie was going to go - but man, it was good! I hated that Steve cheated on Miranda, but her reaction was worse. I love that Samantha was monogamous - that was funny! Charlotte, well, she is always happy. & Carrie - perfect ending! I loved the journey she took & in the end it worked the way I wanted it to.

It's funny how these characters get into your head. It was an emotional movie (no, I didn't cry, but some parts were really sad!) and a lot of it surprised me. The story just played out so well, IMO. The writing was always good on the show, I didn't expect much different on the big screen.

Now, I'm starting to watch August Rush (sad, so far) - another one I really wanted to see a long time ago, so I'm going for now. What movie have you seen or loved lately?


Dee from Downunder said...

William Peterson is leaveing CSI??? Waaah! :-(

I love ER, its not been on for ages here....

Other than Sex and the city, I have no idea what the other shows you mention are :-o

I a rediscovering Kevin Costner movies... they really aren't THAT bad....

Mamahut said...

Hi Girly, I am playing catch up...I loved your kids picture, I loved your last peices of for bid..very pretty! I am hooked on Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives...Sunday and Thursdays...You should check those out.

Susie said...

I hate that ER is going away. It is the last piece of my 20's finally dying. It was the perfect end to "Must See TV". Now, it will be gone and I am sad, sad, sad:-(

Erin The Great said...

I love Sex & the City. I was remarkably irate when they took it off the air.

Happy Halloween!


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