Sunday, October 5, 2008

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Hey there! Welcome to my world! If you haven't been here before, it's nice to meet you!

In order to help get the word out on my business, I decided to have a cool giveaway. I hope you'll like what you see & want to get in as many entries as possible so you can win!

What are the gifts you ask? Well, the winner will receive a free Custom Blog Redesign! Should you already have the blog of your dreams - here's the fun bit - you get to PAY IT FORWARD to someone else you know that wants or needs a blog redesign.

If you decide to pay it forward you'll get a custom matching earrings & bracelet set. This set will be designed the way you'd like it. I will ask you questions, show you my materials & then create the design that's right for you!

This giveaway will run from Monday October 6 through Thursday October 16. Winner(s) will be announced on Friday October 17. If you want to better your chances to win? Do this:

Grab my button -

<center><a href=""><img border="0" width="140" src="" height="140"/></a></center>

1. Post about this giveaway on your blog & get 5 extra entries!

2. Refer a friend! Each commentor who mentions you will give you an additional 2 entires!

3. If you mention my giveaway each day on your blog - I will give you an additional 10 entires!

On Thursday October 16, I will announce an added bonus for a lucky couple of someones who participate!

If you're playing along - add your name to Mr. Linky so I can check it out!

Huge thanks to Candid Carrie for pimping out my giveaway on Camp Candid Carrie! She's awesome!

A preview of some of my jewelry:


Candid Carrie said...

Seriously, I had know idea how much I would enjoy being a pimp!

careysue said...

This is awesome! Love your blog and your designs...plug your jewelry is beautiful!!!

Karol said...

This is great! I have a great friend that I would love to Pay It Forward to!

Brandi said...

LOVE the idea of paying it forward! I would love to win this and send it on to JK at Go Blog Yourself. She is the mother of Tuesday whom me and several of my friends have been blogging about. Tuesday has Neuroblastoma (Stage 4 cancer) and has just went through her 4th of 6 rounds of chemo. Fingers crossed that I win! I've blogged about it and added the button!

Adrian said...

Popping over from Camp Carrie. Yes, I am in dire need of a blog makeover, so I hope I win. I've visited some of your sites and they are wonderful. I don't have time to do a post right now ('cuz I'm at work - shh!), but I'll set one up in a day or so.

Dee said...

Great contest Lex. I've blogged about it.

Le @ Third on the Right said...

Just great ! and Dee - above comment - pointed me this way - love your work - have posted your info on my site - cheers le

Lorrie Veasey said...

And Le sent me!! And I will try to do the link thing. If I fail I hope you will consider offering a half point for bloggers who are in EXTRA NEED of the make over. (Kinda like rewarding the ugliest Swan To Be, or finding the poorest family in need of a new home) You will see what i mean when you visit my blog: ALL. THAT. PURPLE.

Jane-Fay said...

I'm here to help Lorrie's fight to stamp out purple... Me? I just love earrings and bracelets - screw my blog.

Miss Thystle said...

(in monotone Peewee voice) LORRIE VEASEY SENT ME.

Because her blog needs, like, serious help. And purple curtains.

Le @ Third on the Right said...

Lex I forgot to mention how much I loooove the pay it forward concept - you are a real sweetie !! cheers le

O'Neal (The woman in charge around here) said...

I'm not going to list all the reasons why I want to win, or tell you all the possibilities of how and why I could pay it forward...cause I really want a make over for myself. And you've SEEN the horror over there of my 2am DIY blond customizing that is my blog!

Anyway, I am so glad you *found* me, (totally not brown nosing here but) you are one of the most *genuinely* sweetest bloggers I have met so far in the blogosphere!

This whole give away you are doing shows just a glimpse of how big your heart is and you inspire me to want to do more good and help the world! (I *really am* going to give all those free tshirts I signed up for to the homeless people I see!!! Keep your fingers crossed they say thank you and not jump on the hood of my car lol!)

Ok, enough of me, off to pimp you out on my blog (if everyone in the house will PUH LEASE let Mommy sit down and quit bugging her! I've been on this comment box for TWO hours - argh! It is SUNDAY people - even the Lord rested that day! lol)

Amanda said...

Hope I'm not too late. I love this contest idea and the pay it forward concept.

Lisa aka Serahs said...

Gosh, I got here too late. Awesome giveaway and I love the pay it forward concept. That's my life motto.


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