Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog etiquette

Okay - I have been thinking about how & when I comment for others. I do frequent many interesting blogs & I tend to focus more on those who do drop by me more than those who don't & sometimes people are just left in the cold. I don't do that intentionally, but I do it. Sometimes I get to moving all over blog land via comment links, then I get caught up in commenting elsewhere. I think this holds true for many of us.

A lot of people I comment on, I do because I love reading their blogs. There are bloggers that I NEVER hear from, but because I love to read what they have to say, I keep going back. I know I do my best to comment during some of the blog events (i.e. Fx4, Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, etc.), even if there's not a whole lot of interest in what I've read.

This is where I'm perplexed. Would you bloggers rather someone leave a comment that's drab & disinterested, or get no comment at all? And do you think that if someone leaves a comment for you that you are obligated to go & leave one on their blog - just because they left one for you?

Personally, I will leave a comment even if I find the post boring, but I think it shows in what I say. I do feel obligated to go to someone else's blog if they've dropped by me.

The blogs I regularly comment on (even if there are breaks) are the ones I enjoy the most. I hope those I hear from most are not just dropping by because they feel obligated. I'd hate that.

Let me know what you think...

For those ladies who are bidding on the earrings - I love you guys! It is such a fabulous cause & hopefully before it's all said & done we will have a decent donation to send on over to the Susan G. Komen Foundation!!! After each auction ends - I will post the tally in the sidebar. I will have a set (earrings & bracelet) tomorrow! Please bring attention to this.

I need the universe to tell me which way to shift... (very much a random thought, but hey - those come out sometimes)


Mamahut said...

Hey there Miss Creative, I love your earrings, but I am waiting on a different pair if thats ok? They are very pretty. I hope I'm not one of your blah commenters...I blog from bed usually dead tired. Sometimes I make no sense. But like you I only comment on the ones I really have a lot in common with or that just crack me up. Have a great weekend.

Susie said...

I think it depends on what your goal is for your blog. Commenting all over the place is a good way to build interest. So, if you are trying to build a business, then commenting on someones comment I think is key.

If you are just doing the blog for fun, then I think commenting back is nice but not required.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I absolutely feel that if someone comments on your blog that you are Totally Required to visit theirs, and comment not just once, but on every post they've written for the past month.

Not that I am trolling for comments here.

No siree.

Not me. Nope.

careysue said...

I comment on blogs I really like...sometimes I don't leave a comment if I can't think of anything great to say...(I am easily intimidated) I hate that about myself.

Love your blog!!! I start getting very attached to people I hear from on a regular basis...even dreaming about them. haha

O'Neal (The woman in charge around here) said...

OMG, I think about the same stuff and am so glad you said it for me! I always wonder what is proper blog etiquette? Or for twitter? Do you follow the people that follow you first or just the one's you like to Twitter with?

BUT, I feel really special when ANYONE leaves me a comment whether I like/know them or not. But I feel even more specialer (Yeah, it's a word down here lol) when I get a comment from someone I like, like you! (Totally not brown nosing!) I blog hop a lot too and if I feel like there is something I REALLY want to say, I do. Then there are the other times I read someone I ordinarily love reading and just don't have anything to say.

Basically, in a blogger like me's opinion, it is nice to return the favor and show some comment love! It makes me smile when I've seen that one of my bloggy friends have been by, and you are one of em! ;)

PS - Please excuse my randomness, if you read my last post you will know more...basically I am on new meds and trying to get back to normal and so far (minus the hellovamigraine this morning) so good! One day at a time!

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Oh, this is a good topic because I know some bloggers only read the people who comment on theirs. And Lorrie's comment gave me a heart attack until I read the whole thing.

I read a lot of blogs but I only comment when I feel I have something to add to it or agree, etc. When fx4 rolls around I'll throw comments everywhere and sometimes they are so lame-o but I want people to know I've been there.

So for me, I visit those who comment on mine but I really don't leave comments too much. I'm just not that clever. I should probably try harder to leave comments since it seems to be a big deal for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Life is busy and short, so I comment when I have something to say. At work, I really can't write in depth comments (and deal with the word encoding and troll red tape) so M-Th I rarely comment. I feel bad about it, but that's life. At least I'm reading everybody's posts in my reader, right?

Trish said...

I comment if I visit on most blogs - even if I come by chance - I browse the blog till I find one that touches me or makes me giggle or think.

I just changed my comment form box message yesterday is hard to follow up comments with blogger and people don't always track back or remember where they have commented.
(I don't)

I try to visit blogs who comment on mine because sometimes there isn't a need to reply to all comments anyway and I don't always have the time.A personal visit I think is more appreciated ( no hints)

Dee said...

I like comments, sometimes my computer won't let me, and it looks like I have been on a blog but not commented, which makes me feel uncomfortable a bit. I figure - comment if the blog moves you, otherwise, come back another day.
If you get a new commenter/reader, go check out their blog, thank them for visiting, and go back if you like thier blog later.

Dee said...

Oh, and without comments/feedback, how else would you know if you are just not talking to yourself???

FarmGirl said...

I am with you intentions are always good, but I sometimes take forever to get comments posted to visitors. Like this post, you stopped 10/2 and I am just now getting to ya. I like to really read thru blogs, and make thoughtful comments. I may be slow, but I will be by...soon!!

Now, on the rcv'ing end, I love it all...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Even short and sweet ones! I, myself, am not a short and sweet commenter (can you tell).

Anywho, I always return the favor, no matter how slow, and I LOVE getting comments!

So thanks for stopping in, even though it was 12 days ago!! SHeesh! TIme is NOT my friend!!

jenn3 said...

I almost always visit and comment someone when they comment on my blog. But I don't feel obligated, I actually enjoy doing that. Of course I have a group of blogs that I visit regularly whether or not they comment, but sometimes, by visiting a new commenter, I find another blog to add to my list.

Katy said...

Hey there, ii think about this too, but i know that not matter what anybody actually says in my comments i still get a little bit excited when someone leaves one on my blog, this may be coz i'm relativly new to all this blogging stuff, but it makes me happy.
I always go an visit people that leave comments with me, but i also don't get an extraordinary number either, so i suppose if you get alot of comments you shouldn't feel obligated to go and visit every single person, but i am sure that doing it will help you build your followers too. Which is what i am trying to do.

Brandi said...

Ahhh yes. I do feel obligated to at least check out someone's blog once if they have read mine and commented. If they keep coming back then I leave comments when I read something I have a comment for. I do feel badly when I don't leave a comment, but I don't want someone to think that I didn't like thier post. Ah now I've done it...cuz wouldn't they feel bad if you continually visited and never commented?

Mama's Losin' It said...

I've been struggling with this ever since my feature day on SITS. I save ALL of my comments and one by one I try to get back to people who leave me love. It's gotten a lot harder with the addition of the writer's workshop and then when I throw in a Hoover I REALLY have to comment back to people who say "OOH I want Hoover, count me in"

My expectations of myself are way too high. And I miss the days when I just surfed around and discovered new blogs. If I'm blog reading I leave a comment 90 percent of the time. Most of the blogs I stop by are ones that have left me love so to me it seems fair.

I always find something to add. But if I'm eating or watching tv, forget about it. No comment love. :) Priorities.


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