Friday, October 17, 2008

And the WINNER is....

Lorrie writer of Our Name is Blog!

How cool is that! I know you were in desperate need of a blog redesign, that according to some of your friends! You won it without the extra entires they were willing to pay forward to you if they won! Hopefully, I can resize my videos to show you all how it went down. The file sizes are huge because I neglected to set the video size smaller. I downloaded a few converters & was able to resize the files. Don't mind the watermark on these - it's much better than the first converter I used.

The runner up winners will receive a pair of earrings they will choose from my existing inventory. I will send you both a link to all of my earring photos via email. The runners up are -

Amanda, (sorry for forgetting your blog name - I said shaggin instead of scrappin...tsk, tsk. Maybe I know more about you than you think. ;) )writer of Householdsix Scrappin & Bloggin

Dee, writer of My Aussie Antics

Congrats to all of you! Thank you so much for participating & mentioning me on your blogs! Watch out for another giveaway at the beginning of December!

I also have to give my friend Carrie an honorable mention. I never thought about paying it forward until she suggested it. Not only did she help promote my giveaway, she is the reason for "Pay it Forward"!

To Karol - sorry you had to go to work!


careysue said...

Lex, Your kids are so stinkin cute!

They're real!!! We also got to hear your voice...I have to have Rickie watch this so he can see Andy!

Maybe we won't be so slow to sending him something back!!!!

I love paying it forward!!!

Dee said...

Oh! Oh! OMG!

I can't believe it! Runner Up??!!! Something beautiful just for me???

THANK YOU LEX! Truly, thankyou.

I'll await your email with baited breath.
Then I will post about it with many links to you.
Oh, how can I get to sleep now...

Dee said...

Ps I have no sound on my laptop, but the kids sure are cute!

Amanda said...

Runner up? I didn't know there were runners up! That's cool! Thank you! And LMAO @ the shaggin. Congrats to the other winners too.

Dee said...

I forgot to say contrats to the others, I was in shock. I got the sound to work, love the accent! Thanks so much to the barrel girl and boy, little cuties.

Dee from Downunder said...

Lex, I have linked all over myself on my blog for you!

Million thanks again


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