Friday, September 26, 2008

Trees in the Fall

I told my friend Amanda that I would post some pretty tree pictures for her today. She has a thing for trees and how nature brings her peace.

Last Fall (and it was late fall, November 13th - we didn't start seeing major color change til mid October! That's quite late for where I live) I took my baby girl for a walk & took some photos. I don't often go out & take pictures of trees, but for a while they had been calling me to do it. The colors of Fall have always been moving to me. I was lucky & did manage to take some lovely pictures. Now, I'm looking forward to this years changing of season. I miss the smell of Autumn.

I did enhance these a bit in PSP. It makes them even prettier. ;)


I'm normally not a movie or tv crier. I have to also confess that I missed the season ender of House back in May. You know, the 2 part with House's Head & Wilson's Heart? I watched those last night on the net and OMG! OMFG! That is some of the most moving tv writing EVER! I had to watch them because I started watching this season & although I know your best friend may hate you after you get his girlfriend killed (House really didn't, but the set of circumstances would have left me with much guilt, if it were me), I didn't understand all of it.

I meant to watch these 2 episodes at the end of the season, but to watch on Fox online, you have to wait 8 DAYS after they air! I forgot.

I'm watching these & I often laugh during the show & I did - during both episodes. Robert Sean Leonard did a sensational acting job with the death of his Amber - from the Wilson's Heart ep. I couldn't help but feel as crushed as he did when he was going through all of his stuff. The tears didn't come for me until they woke her up for him to say goodbye. Moving tv, I tell you, very moving.

The House's Head ep was a wonderful mystery, especially if you didn't know the answer. If you want to check them out you can here - House's Head and Wilson's Heart. Amazing tv writing! The acting isn't too bad, either.


I almost forgot (well, I did, but I'm back becauase I remembered). A very cool woman bestowed another award upon my blog! I actually recieved this from another cool lady a long time ago, Jaci, the raving mad housewife - but I forgot to post it then, too. Yes, I gave myself a V8 slap - twice.

Huge thanks to MamaHut & Jaci for thinking my blog was worthy!

To pay it forward - I give it to:

Billie my boo!

Amber - cause she rocks!

That O'Neal woman in charge, cause I found another fabulously funny & honest blog I love and just like with Amber people will probably cower away from her honesty! I love it and I'm a reader for life!

The recipients are free to do with the award what they wish (but please don't blog about that...). It'd be cool to see it payed forward, though to - to some of your favorite blogs!


noble pig said...

OMG those pics are beautiful, now I need cold weather.

Dee said...

Beautiful colours in those trees.We dont get the colour change in our trees (evergreens mainly here), so its always nice to see.

Mamahut said...

Me too, I live in a huge patch of cedars and pinion trees. Since I have moved in however, I have planted about 10 trees that actually change color and drop leaves. I almost sold my house last year because I wanted the fall so badly. lol crazy huh? I still might after looking at your pictures!

Susie said...

The pictures are brilliant and so is House:-)

O'Neal (The woman in charge around here) said...

I don't understand! If I pay $300 for a camera, why don't my photos look like that??? Or do I just suck as a photographer? Either way, I am SO jealous! Breath taking pics there girl! AND OMG!!!, you gave ME an award??? Awwwww! Can I over night you some brownies or sumth'n??? I humbly accept it and will pass it on! Warning - blond moment here - But if I pass it along, do I have to physically take it off my page? lol I will love it and hold it and kiss it.... Thanks chica ;)

Amber said...

Hey, so love the tree photos, but not why I am here.

House...WTF??? I hate that all summer long I could not talk to anyone about this cause they had not seen the last two episodes. The finale was the saddest effing thing I have ever seen on television -- including the old yellar thing.

Hey, did you catch the premiere of ER?? WTF. Why must they do this to my little old heart?

Thanx for the award. I am going to give to somebody...but who??

christie said...

Your trees are GORGEOUS!
Congrats on the award!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

those pictures are PHENOMINAL! you seriously captured some amazing fall beauty. Thanks for sharing them :) my faves are #2 (because i like almost anything close up :) and the one of your daughter's hand with the acorn was it? or a hazelnut? anyways, they're awesome :)


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