Thursday, September 18, 2008

I was tagged....

TWICE! I love when these things come back around. It's like jumping into the middle of an Airsoft war - only not nearly as painful.

So, my friend Angie tagged me yesterday & I told her I would get to it by the evening, I did not. This morning, The Woman In Charge tagged me, too! So pittooo, pishoo, pittoo - they are riccocheting everywhere - better watch it.

I will tag a couple fairly newbs on my blog list and one that's been there for a long while. Not sure if they will all want to join in, but I have fun doing these, so maybe they will, too.

The rules:

1. Link the person who tagged me.
2. Post the rules here.
3. Write 6 random things about myself.
4. Tag a few bloggers at the end of the post, then link to them.
5. Tell those people that I tagged them.
6. Let my tagger know that I did it.

Randomness -

1. I am a complete homebody - much to the chagrin of my kids. I'm thinking they will grow up to be homebodies, too - maybe, hopefully not. I never used to be. I just like the comfort that home brings. (I am blaming the hub - he's a homebody, too, but I'm worse than he is now. Thanks, Dockman!)

2. There is only one person I talk to on a regular basis that isn't living in my home. Other people suffer my lack of communication - including my siblings & parents. I'm so bad about getting in or staying in touch with people it isn't even funny. They are the same way, though - so I guess I learned it from somewhere.

3. I am getting my haircut this weekend. I always lose the haircut people I love to go to, then I neglect my hair for a very long time. I'll find someone awesome, then they shut down or move somewhere else, or leave that salon. I need a fun, short cut - one that will be easy, cute & fresh. First, I have to find someone to do it.

4. I have to go pick up celery in a few. I make a mean pork meatloaf with a recipe I got from Dockman's grandma. It's uber unhealthy, but oh so good.

5. My 2 youngest children talk to their toys endlessly. They use character voices for certain toys & it's fun to listen to sometimes. It can be disturbing, too - to hear the things the "moms" tell the "kids".

6. I am trying to finish inventory-ing my earring collection so I can showcase them for sale. Maybe someone will love them. ;) Inventory is boring as hell. Plus, tomorrow is my birthday. :D

I am tagging:

1. I have to tag Amanda! Cause she's a riot & her photography is worth a million views.

2. I am tagging That Girl - I can't get enough of her honesty. She has a way with words.

3. Also, Outnumbered - she is a fun read & I like her.

That be it. I will do 3 because 3 is plenty. By the time I get to 6, I'm running into many other tags.


O'Neal (The woman in charge around here) said...

First I have to say how awesome you are for saying you like me, it totally gave me the confidence to leave my house today and of course to hurry back home to make sure it was still there. ;)

I totally feel your pain about the hair cutting situation! I finally got the nerve to go public and let a REAL person touch my hair last year and over time learned to love it. Then the stupid biotch owners burned it down for insurance money like 3 days after I got my hair cut :(. So now I have no place to go and 2 months till the root rot sets in and I will really never be able to leave the house cause people will call me skunk.

PS - The salon owners are in prison now for insurance fraud despite TWO attempts TWO days in a row to burn it down. The lifestyle change won't be much for them though considering they were already playing for the same team, maybe that's what they were after all along?

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

happy birthday!!!

and oh yah, i'll cut your hair. ok maybe that wouldn't be a good idea lol

thanks for tagging me, i just got done posting mine... with a little OCD twist haha

Amber said...


and that is all I have to say about that.

You should try to find someone who will come to your house to cut your hair, then you will not have to leave for that. I want to be a homebody. I am working on it.

The Rule Maker said...

Happy Birthday!

Yes, I did collect lots and lots of seaglass but only managed a small necklace. I need better wire and my own tools. Any tips for good wire that will not break or turn the glass black?

Dee said...

Happy b'day. I got my hair cut and coloured for my b'day too. Looked great, till I had to do it at home... I always loose my good hairdressers too. I have a hairdresser phobia.

My girls talk to their toys in voices too, its quite funny.


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