Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My edumacation part 4

Today was the first day of school & I can't go to bed early - so forgive me if I'm a bit wonky by way of your reading. Sleep doesn't come easy at night & the early mornings kill me - can't go back to sleep when I get back home, either.

I mentioned we were going through the Archdiocese of Denver. All throughout, I think my parents thought I was seriously considering putting Steven up for adoption. I think I honesty considered it for 10 minutes.

Steven went to a foster home for 2 days - a very long & distraught 2 days. The family was supposed to discuss the ordeal & decide. My decision was already made. I wanted to keep him. All it took for us to collectively "decide" was my dad telling me "if this is what you really want, then I'm behind you."

Another golden moment on the part of dad. Monday morning September 21, 1986 Steven was my son for life.

Getting away from this subject - today is my dad's birthday! He's 60 years old - sheesh! If any one of you knew my dad - you'd know that age is just a number. He's so not a 60 year old in nature.

I remember the balloon I gave to him when he was turning 40. The grim reaper with a plate of cake in one hand, his trusty sickle in the other. The message on the balloon - "Relax, I'm just here for the cake."

I remember fighting & screaming, often. I remember giving him countless headaches - sometimes because of the fighting, sometimes because of the things I did.

I remember him being supportive of me, even when we butted heads & disagreed. I remember him standing up for me in a place I didn't ever want to be, regarding circumstances no one should ever endure. He was my voice when I didn't have one.

I remember laughing - so much! I remember watching tv with both my parents in their bedroom. Not because it was the best tv in the house - it was only 13 inches, but because we were all together in there. And I didn't even like some of the tv shows he loved to watch.

I remember his great phrases - "Well, pissonya, then" and most infamously "I'm a snot (I must not)!" I remember when he was pissed at Jay for putting his car too close to the driveway when mom needed jump & dad left mom's car door open. Bye, bye door.

I remember his sarcastic humor - funny, I married a dude that shares that trait with him.

I remember him always loving me - through thick & thin. He didn't plant the seed, but he is my dad.

I love you dad - Happy 60 years!

Hopefully we can get another 40 (or more) from ya!


careysue said...

That is so sweet your tribute to your dad! He sounds as wonderful as my own! I love it when daughters love their dads.

I am so happy you had him in your life when you needed him the most.

Beautiful post. Tell your dad Happy birthday! He's pretty young by the way!

Mamahut said...

If I send your dad a birthday present, do you think he would consider adopting me?? Please.


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