Monday, August 11, 2008

My edumacation - part 1

I often read others' stories here on blogger. My bloggy buddies & people I just happen across from someone else's page. Some are fascinating, some are funny, some - informative & others aren't so fun or anything. I present to you - one of my not so fun or anything stories.

As many of you may have read, I had a child quite young. The whole experience is recount worthy, but I've given a good smidge there & now I'll give some more.

I was in 9th grade junior high when I found out I was pregnant. The way my parents found out is a whole other thing. They didn't really "find out" per se, they investigated. My dad made a comment one day about how big my boobs were getting. Not a creepy, weirdo comment but a dad thinking "the worst may have happened" comment. I was trouble as a youngster. Always. I'm not going to interject that it came from something, but it did (sorry for the contradiction).

His troubled daughter is growing boobs at an exhorbitant rate of speed. Any adult would understand, but being a young teen - I had no clue how telling that was. I had a scheduled foot appointment on a Thursday morning. I had something on the bottom of my foot that was painful, so I was going to get it removed (turns out it was an ingrown wart & had to be frozen, but that's neither here no there.). Dad comes to pick me up from school & we head on to the Dr.

Dad stops for gas. I notice a bag between the seats of the truck. It's a Safeway bag, semi-opaque & I flatten the plastic to see what's inside. Yes, I was nosy. Remember, it's Thursday. My mind froze when I read. I froze inside & I felt those nervous jitters, tingles starting in my head & making their way to my hands, then all the way down to my feet. I almost cried because I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't though - then he would know I was snooping.

When I think back, I have no idea if he wanted me to look. Because I know him, maybe there was a little snark in leaving the pregnancy test between the seats in a semi-opaque bag.

I go through the foot appointment, everything's cool. Next morning, Friday - I get up, get ready, race to the bus stop. Even though I know my dad's already gone, I still hurry & leave. The whole day I am CONSUMED by the idea that my parents are going to make me take a pregnancy test. I know why, because I'm pregnant - but they don't know that...yet. Or so I think. I talked to my closest friends about this, they think I'm so busted. After school, you know I took my time walking from the bus stop.

Friday evening - dinner was nice, parents are happy. There's no discussion about the thing. Nothing, nada, zip. Still sweating we make it to ...

Saturday. Usually, my dad doesn't let us sleep in. If he's up, it's his philosophy that we are, too. Saturday is cleaning day & the sooner we all get it done, the more of the day we have left. I HATED that he didn't let us sleep in, but this Saturday, I was the exception...hmmmmm.

Yes, the rest of Saturday was completely uneventful and I got to sleep in. I spent some time with my friends, I called my friends, I hung out in my room. Nothing, nada, zip.

Sunday rolls around. I went to bed kind of early Saturday so I was up a little early, too. I noticed over the course of the weekend, my parents are acting happier, sillier & having more fun than usual. Maybe this is my teen brain working overtime - knowing they have this ugly plan to attack with the PT at any moment. Or that they are privy to some special event that's about to happen in our humble abode - and they will come away victorious. I don't know what caused me to see things this way, but they really seemed to be enjoying watching me sweat.

ALL DAY Sunday - nothing, nada, zip. Monday means early to bed. I go extra early - explaining that "I'm just really tired tonight..". I give kisses & hugs & am walking up the stairs. I am a step away from the top landing & 5 steps from the freedom of my bedroom when I hear "Lex, your mom & I need to talk to you."

Calmy, he says that, too calmly. Neither parent is in my view at the bottom of the stairs. I am toast & I know it. "Why?" I ask....duh!

As I proceed ever so slowly down the stairs, I begin to cry. Tears have welled & over flowed already because I know. I go into the kitchen & they are standing there - like a united front. Two against one. I'm an utterance away from bawling. He pulls the test off the counter - where it was sitting right before I went to bed (I forgot to mention, it no longer had it's fancy semi-opaque cover when I saw it. Right before I said I was too tired to stay up. Standing right in front of me on the counter. Just before I headed up stairs.). I wasn't bawling, not really, just some heaving sobs escaped. I couldn't look at either of them. My dad asked me why I was crying (and he was smirking - for real!). I said in the best possible composure I could muster:

"Because I do-don't *heavy cry sigh* n-nee-need to t-take that t-t-es-test. I-I already kno-kno-know *hiccup*. I'm p-pregnan-nt."

I looked up to see them look at each other. My mom threw her hands to her mouth and her eyes saucered. My dad's smirk disappeared. I guess in all their anticipation, I thwarted their plan, they somehow forgot that it could be true - I may very well have been pregnant.


Candance said...

Girl, I can't even imagine. Dear Lord! I was terrified to tell my mom and I was 21. I can't wait to read part 2. Hurry!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! You would think they would have been prepared for it, if they were already worried. 9th grade? You must have been scared to death!

amelia bedelia said...

Wow, I can't imagine being in the 9th grade and having to go thru that. will be back tomorrow....

careysue said...

I read the other post first...because I missed this one. Wow, intense... your father came through.

Can't wait to read more Lex!


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