Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We went to a small town near by ours, bigger than ours, but still a small podunk town. The whole downtown sqaure was neat. All the buildings in the sqaure were old & restored - some in their glory & some to look more modern. It seemed every other store was an antique store.

I'm thinking Baseball is wanting a new hobby - collecting things from WWII. He saw several things in a couple antique stores that he "had to have". There was an old munitions box for only $8.50. We are heading back out there on Thursday for a car show, so maybe he can get that. He also saw some old muskets in one of the stores there. He was pretty pumped about that. To hold it, I think, would bring him an overload of joy.

The movie theater was quite old & for me, it had that "very old people" smell in the upper level. The ladies room was upstairs & the layout was bringing me to a time I didn't exist in. It had a great ambience - a feeling of how it may have been in the 1940s. I could envision it there - the whole square, I could do that.

We saw Wall*E. I found it to be a very cute story. It had a good deal of really funny parts in it. The fact that there is little speaking in it makes it a better movie, different than what we're used to. The little ones were bored near the end. That was really when the movie started moving for me. It got exciting near the end. It was worth my 3 (x4) bucks - love the old theater pricing, too. Even the movie treats were cheap. A great experience, especially since we took a walk around the square before the show.


noble pig said...

I love old antique war stuff. I'm sure he would love that stuff too. I know my son would.

Sunshine said...

Sounds wonderful (that theater). Can I go next time? I'm all about the cheap treats. WALL-E was SO CUTE. Very good movie, I think.


Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

that's cool that you have an old theatre for cheap :) we have a theatre here that we call the "dollar theatre" however, it's actually $2 on the weekends... when I would normally go.


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