Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Sundays

Ours are usually. We are one family who doesn't really do much on Sundays. The weather was beautiful again today. I love when it isn't humid.

Nothing exciting did happen last night. I did talk to my dear old friend Shelly. Her youngest boy Travis answered the phone & he sounded so old. It brings me to realize just how big her kids must be. I dont' get to see her because she lives in Denver & I live here. Before her daughter developed asthma & a serious allergy to dogs, their family used to visit her hub's parents in nearby Griffith. That had me getting to spend time with her at least once a year.

It would be nice to have someone around I could just go & hang out with. Like her or Billie or Stacy or Nancy or Amanda. All my good friends live far, far away. Yes, I am whining (I am hormonal - that's my disclaimer). I get lonely sometimes for that good friendship. For someone to live nearby so I can just drop by & bullshit for a while. Talk about family, have a beer or a cuppa coffee. Even my damn sister in law lives too far away, and she's only an hour away. Plus, I can't just drop by her house, we need to plan it.

About all this blog stuff - I'd so love to get in on a big advert blog, but hey - I am not ready to devote time to it right now. I'm finding it difficult to get in here & post my stuff. The time I spend doing makeovers can sometimes make me not want to sit at the desk any more. You can only do so much of that in one day.

I love doing the makeovers, though. It's been a great outlet and I do find that it is so much easier to design for other people than it is to design for myself. I get frustrated with my own stuff. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for others, let me tell you.

I think I'm going to go play some Hold 'em. I used to do that more - cards on Poker Stars.


careysue said...

thank you for the comment by the way, about Lola.

I hear ya...I wish I had friends that I could hang out with closer...esp. family my Mom lives about three hours away and we used to have coffee almost daily, not so much anymore.:(

You sound like so a great person...when you're in my neck of the woods so to speak you have to come and see me!

Have a great is Monday by the way 1:14am.

Sunshine said...

I would totally hang out with you! We have an open-door policy here...I love it when people just drop by like they really want to be here and hang out. Love that. I would so love for you to just drop by. Just move here, ok?

Thank goodness I do have a great friend here that we can do that. It's kind of new for me to have that and I seriously don't know how I went so long without it.

I just went to a library sale and bought like 10 country home decor books ($1 each). My friend is really into the decorating like I am, and I can hardly wait to have her over here for a glass of wine and a sit down so we can look at all these books together! :)

P.S. I want to snag that "Indelible Crations" from you for my blog. Can you give me the code? I have to advertise you. SO MANY people compliment the look of my blog! Thanks to YOU!

Candance said...

I was like, "Hey, where's Lex? Why hasn't she been blogging?" Uh, my dumb a** hadn't added you to the google reader and it's taken me like two weeks to figure out. But, you have indeed been a busy, busy girl!! Check you out, Fancy!!

I get lonely here, too. I've had the same best friend since I was seven years old and I hardly ever get to see her or my two other best friends anymore and it makes me SOOO sad. I wish I had someone close by cause David just doesn't cut it when it most days!

SabrinaT said...

The humidity here is like 200%. I wish it would rain and rain~

Erin The Great said...

I would kill for humidity... I'm in Utah where the air sucks the moisture right out of your body... pretty tragic actually. Sorry I haven't been around, my computer crashed and it took awhile to get back up.


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