Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning.

Most of them are hated...dreaded...unwanted. The first day of the rest of the week. It's not so bad for me today. It's still summer, we get to go fishing this evening (cub scouts), and all is good on the home front.

Our "older" car, I'm referring to her as if she were just getting on in age because it's, well, respectful. You can read more about her here. This lovely elder car failed to pass emissions. They even gave us a new gas cap because she was emitting something from there. Now, Dock & I are debating whether or not it's worth it to keep her. We have gotten estimates. The first few places want to charge just $120 to "hook 'er up ta da computer - see what she got". Now, unlike most reasons one might think a vehicle fails emissions - i.e. carbon monoxide level too high, etc., this is something to do with "oxides"??? Go figure, the county we used to live in doesn't even have emissions testing to renew (license) plates. The car might be worth $120, but I don't think it's worth between the amounts we were quoted (broad range 50-600 bucks - helpful, no?). A little dilemma cause she still runs and has been wholly reliable, aside from a little acid (or whatever) buildup on the battery contacts that makes the car dead til we clean it & adjust the cables. She's near 200 and I guess her sputtering is maybe saying something. Eh, we'll see. We have an appointment this morning at 10 am.


noble pig said...

Ugh, I hate car trouble. It's inconveinent and expensive!

I hope it all worked for you.

Blarney said...

My DH is looking at buying a new truck ... crap ... there goes life without a car payment.


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