Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blogging on a Sunday & my heart stood still..

Da-doo-ron, ron, ron, da-doo-ron, ron. Yeah - feeling musical, I suppose.

I am reading all about the BlogHer conference, everywhere & wishing it was something I could have participated in. With family obligations, I don't know that I would have made it this year, anyhow. Maybe the next time it's in Chicago!

I am, however, digging the psuedo BlogHer Conference hosted by Kathy @ Mama's Losin' It. I didn't comment, but joined the Field trip troupe over at Camp Candid Carrie. I did not keep my arms inside the link. The weather was so beautiful, I couldn't help myself. I also promise that it wasn't me who pushed the others out of the way to get a front row seat. PROMISE!

I have been working on blog makeovers, making earrings & contemplating the best route to take to advertise. I should really follow the instructions Kathy is discussing in her Psuedo BlogHer Conference. Those tips will probably help. I think I could also do a giveaway or 2, just to get some more recognition. I need advice on this and on another topic. How do I overcome my fear of success/failure?

For now...I am off to comment on my bloggy friends' blogs. I've been reading & it's time, because I have some today.


noble pig said...

I adore Sean that song...I used to have it on a 45!

Anonymous said...

Your business is going to do great! Ask SITS to advertise your giveaway if you decide to have one. Just today they mentioned another new blog designer, so I'm sure they'd send some love your way.

Scary Mommy said...

Give aways will drive traffic like crazy! Good luck!!

Heather said...

She had some really good tips on blogging!

agnes said...

With his 1000 kilowatt smile and awesome shiny blond feathered hair, Shaun Cassidy was my first real crush. I was 10. He was 19. Before Shaun, I wasn’t actually sure what a crush really was.



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