Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

As much as I think I don't want people reading my blog, maybe it would be cool if someone did besides me. Heh.

Had some storms blow through here tonight - nothing terrible, so far. I think most of the worst of them will break up before they get to us.

Back to the matter I spoke of above, I will participate in the Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta thing, as long as I can. I have plenty of favorite photos and more to come I'm sure. Since we're all winners...heh heh. I followed the link from Bottles, Barbies & Boys. I enjoy reading that one and by the looks of it, I'll have another one to follow with Candid Carrie. My favorite photo for this Friday (4-25) is my 7 year old. I think I have been a bit uptight in not naming my kids. I was thinking I would would be more brash, more candid and that was the case in the beginning, not so much any longer. I think I am an evolving blogger, if there is such a thing. My 7 year old is Andy. He's quite a goofball and a lot of fun. He seems to love the camera and be quite photogenic. That is one of the reasons I like photographing him. I took this one last Summer (late summer) and I had no idea how the sun through my window would affect all the pics I took that day. They were all quite wonderful. You should see what some of my earliest photos looked like - blurry, heads cut off. I was just bad. That was several years ago and I think I've gotten better over time (camera technology helps, too..heh). That is one of my many favorite photos.

What comes next, I don't know, but I am off to send my email to Candid Carrie. Thanks for this, I think it'll be lots of fun! I look forward to every Friday to come. Also, thanks to Bottles, Barbies & Boys, I'm glad I found your blog. Hope to see you around!

Join the fun!

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