Friday, July 15, 2011

Testing, testing, 123

I haven't been hopping around as much as I usually do & there is a good reason for that. Pain.  I posted not long ago about my gall bladder.  The thing that's failing, or seeming to fail, more & more each day.  Dr. visit has brought me to testing stage - because the pain is not going away like it used to.  I have to go for some kind of scan (the dye injection, then contraction & study of the little useless organ) and then I will be scheduled for surgery.

I only tell because I have not been reading blogs & I'm missing it!  I was so looking forward to the fiction fest today, with shoes & I won't be able to until much later today, the gall, I tell you!  I just can't sit.  The most comfortable position is standing.  Don't really want to do much of that, either, who stands all day without getting paid to do it?

For now, I bid adieu.  I will be reading you all later.  I can't wait!!

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