Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 shows that need a comeback - Writer's Workshop

I was thinking about posting something my mom would post, but I rethought because it would be kinda depressing.  Her life has some serious downer stuff going on right now & I feel for her.  Sharing that might not go over so well.

Instead, I'm opting for this prompt - 10 tv shows you'd like to see make a comeback.  I hope I can come up with 10.  I watch so much tv now & I did as a kid, you'd think it would be easy.  Of course, we can mention cancelled shows from recent times, too.  I just don't know if I want to admit to watching some of them. ;)

10.  Early Edition - in a better developed environment, the show may have lasted longer.  I liked the concept of the show & wouldn't mind seeing it back on tv - maybe with different actors, though.

9. The Muppet Show!  I'd love to see it in its original format & see the writing the way it was back then.  Are there writers like that still in existence?  I don't think the show would go over like it did back then, though.  I guess people quit watching for a reason.

8. Soap!  I loved, loved, loved Soap!  It was one of the funniest shows on tv at the time.  I was never really a fan of soap operas (by choice - except for a short stint when I had a job outside my home, it was forced, though...shhhh!) and I loved that Soap parodied them.  It was awesome & I was young - even then I understood what they were doing.

7. ER because I miss it terribly!  It was one of my favorite shows & it never let me down.

6. I read that Fox cancelled Lie To Me. I am a huge Tim Roth fan, the role of Dr. Cal Lightman was perfection for him.  I liked the concept of the show.  I'm not sure why they cancelled it since the ratings were good.  Maybe they ran out of ideas?

5. Six Feet Under - if only for the deaths at the beginning.  They were(and still are)  always my favorite start to any show ever.  The show itself was just awesome.  The story lines, the characters.  I really enjoyed the relationships that were portrayed on that show.

4. Brothers & Sisters - okay, maybe I shouldn't mention this one cause it really isn't all that relevant.  I fell in love with it after seeing a promo that had it starting *big announcer voice* from the beginning!  I enjoyed the characters & how it felt like a real family.

3. Medium - being a huge fan of Patricia Arquette and I really enjoyed the concept of this show, no matter how campy it may have been.  Maybe that was the draw for me?

2. 90210 - owp!  They already did that & it sucks...unless you're an other worldly teen who knows way too much about life.  If you don't this show will surely lead you there.  It's sick -sick sick, not cool sick.  A disgrace to those of us who loved the original, and I've said too much.

2. American Gothic - an idea that just never came across like it was meant to, or maybe it was just before its time.  Sam Raimi was the exec producer. He's a horror king!  I'm not sure why it failed, it was riveting & had an interesting story line.  I have a thing for shows that have supernatural nuances in them.

1. I don't think it was a show, maybe more like a short.  This desperately needs a comeback - School House Rock!  I learned stuff from that show!  Really learned & it's probably the only show I watched as a kid (besides Sesame Street & the Electric Company) that actually taught me things I really needed to know - especially since I was in school.

"Of course that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong". - Dennis Miller

Write what you know, or what you feel.  Just write.


Paulette said...

Oh yes! School House Rock, the best way to learn anything EVER! And The Muppet Show! How I miss that show. I too am missing Medium, *sigh* Shh, I kinda liked Life, which isn't on your list nor mine, I just remembered it.

Karen and Gerard said...

Wow, I didn't watch any of these! I was more into the family sitcoms.

Dumb Mom said...

I did enjoy the Muppet Show and I loved it when they made Muppet movies. Actually, a new one is coming out soon!

Carrie said...

I enjoyed Lie to Me as well. I wonder what is the deal with tv? The crap stays on and the good stuff gets let go :(

Rebekah said...

I miss ER so much!!! I watched every single episode of that show and can watch reruns over and over!!

B said...

I was going to put 90210 on my list until I remembered they did do a remake...and they killed it. I watched just 2 or 3 episodes of the new one...I want my Brenda, Dylan and the gang back!

ER is a show I loved in the first few years, planned my week around it. However, it went on for way too long, got too glorified and lost my interest many years before it came to its demise.

Stasha said...

I never watch TV. But I did as a child and Muppet show I LOVED! those two grumpy man on the balcony were my absolutely favorite. Lie to me is canceled? Shame, I watched the first few and thought it was good. Very useful for parents :)
Have you seen Tim as a bell boy in Four rooms? Very funny.

Kathleen@so much to say said...

This is a very different list than most I've seen today. :) Kudos to you.

Classic NYer said...

::gasp:: School House Rock is the best! ::singing:: "conjunction junction what's your function..." ::giggles::

Thanks for blessing my page. :-)

The M half of the M -n- J Show said...

Lie To Me was cancelled? Crud! No wonder we can't find it in the DVR list anymore!

M*A*S*H and Cheers, too! (from your RemembeRED post)

How could I have forgotten 90210 and ER? And Friends! I'm going to have to write a new post on the TV shows I forgot to mention.

Cam said...

SOAP was great TV!

Everline said...

I LOVED School House Rock! That was how I learned a TON of grammer rules. You are right about the 90210. Never really got into it when it first came out, but the dolls were cool :) *gasp* They took away Lie to Me?!?!? I LOVED that show!

Savvy Practicality said...

I really miss E.R. too. I don't think there was a single character or episode I didn't like. School house rock can be found online and I downloaded some episodes for my kids they LOVE it. What about Magic School bus? Everyone always forgets about that one.

MarfMom said...

they should totally bring the muppets back! i remember watching that with my mom as a kid. i know my son would love it! i also miss ER and brothers & sisters.


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