Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not on Saturday

Typically, I don't post on Saturdays. Not because I am way too busy, just because I don't. I don't have an excuse or explanation other than that.

Since I'm back to blogging, I figured Why not?

The band-aid is firmly in place & we are okay. As usual. I have been considering (really, after 17 years? This should have been in place ages ago, but we forget...) date night. A regular date night with my husband. I think it will be good for us because we don't talk enough about things of substance. Baseball has substance, okay, I get it, but why is it the only topic it seems we can really connect with? Or Football in the fall?

I hope that a few of you may have some ideas. We are on opposite sides when it comes to interests. Maybe a better way to put it, he has a sports side when it comes to interest - that's all. I remember hearing, long before I had interest in relationships or marriage, about how so many men are only sports oriented. As I got older, I didn't believe it. Now, I do. I want to be able to go out to a nice restaurant, but he's picky & doesn't like to try new food. I want to be able to go to a movie & we have gone to movies, but he doesn't like to because it makes him soooo sleepy! I wouldn't mind going to a concert, but he doesn't like live music. I wouldn't mind going to a local place & listening to open mic night music, but he says they all suck. I wouldn't mind going to a comedy club, but he says he hates live comedy. And here's a kick, while I love going to live sporting events, he hates it. He'd rather be in the comfort of his man cave watching all (yes ALL!) the action on his 65" LCD HD. "Honey, it's like being at all the games!" I wouldn't mind going to local theater & seeing a production, but you get the gist of it. I wouldn't mind taking a long drive in the country, armed with my camera. That would give us a lot of time to talk, right? Yeah, you know.

Once in a while, we'll go out with this one couple we enjoy spending time with. Those times we go out to the bar. In my mind, that doesn't qualify a date night.

So what do we do? Can anyone offer any other suggestions for a date night or do I need to hog tie him, throw him in the trunk & drag him somewhere?

For my old buddy Michelle (I re-read it & it is quite corny):

From 9-15-93 (before we were married - I think this was when he went to NY with a friend of his)

This house is so lonely
Without you here.
This bed is so empty
When you're not near.
My heart is just aching
For your return.
My mind is just crazy
And filled with concern.
I miss you so much
You know how I do,
Because I am such
A fool for you.
Don't carry on down
The road too long,
Because here next to me
Is where you belong.
You've taken my heart
Along for the ride,
And I'm keeping yours
Right here by my side.
I know you'll be home
In just a short while,
But til then I'll miss you
For every mile.

Not a real poem, as real poetry is so much better. I . am. so. embarrassed. I was only 22, so there.

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