Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is time an illusion?

Sheesh! I think it may very well be. It doesn't feel like it's been 7 days since I last posted, yet here we are 7 days later. I suck at consistency.

Insomnia. I've always considered myself a night owl. I like staying up late. This past year, though, it has been insane!! The last few months of the school year, I was resorting to staying up all night (for real!) and taking a nap after the kids were safe at school. The kids are out now & I can't do that, so much. I can sleep in a little, get up, nap a little & then dinner, kids stuff, TW demos, whatev. It feels like I'm losing my mind.

Yet, every night (even after a glass of wine & a half) I lie down in bed, tired as all hell and my mind will. not. shut. down. It's like the energizer brain. It keeps going & going & going...and it's LATE! I tried to rest my head at 3:45 in the am. I was up at 11, after settling down at 5:30am. How do I shut it down? I just want normal sleep.

I have tried to stay up all night & day, several times. I usually can't make it cause I'm not 16 anymore. BUT - the nap I take on the days I try is maybe 2 hours. You'd think that I'd be so wiped out, I couldn't stay up late at all. & I don't, then I wake up after a couple of hours & wham-o - I can't go back to sleep. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Field day was cancelled because of torrential down pours. They spent the day inside the school just saying their good byes. My speech was fruitless. I told them winning wasn't everything, but knowing that you gave it all you had is! I'll try again next year.

I was at an all important business meeting tonight (well, really, a demo from a master with dinner - yahoo!) and one of my fellow consultants & I were chatting about the kids (why is it that we get away from them for a couple of hours & they are all we can talk about???). She gave me, maybe, insight into my Andewd's issue. Maybe, just maybe, he has slight problems with impulse control. It doesn't really fit him well. Then I look it up & a big fat wham-o again - me, it fits ME! Yeah, I won't get into that. Mine's a tad bit more personal than I'd like to share on this public a level. It's a shameful thing for me. He, however, doesn't exhibit the full spectrum of an actual disorder, just maybe the onset (that's a very leery maybe). I want to scrub it out before it becomes a thing. He just doesn't have control over his emotions & he gets angry at the drop of a hat, cries, yells, screeches & squeals. He's acting more like a 4 or 5 year old than his age of 10. These past few weeks, I've given him a little for the good, taken a lot for the bad. This is working for the time being. The fact that he responds almost immediately to the thought of having things taken from him, because now he knows I really mean it (DUH!) is awesome to me. I've told him how proud I am to see him controlling himself better. I give him his figurative pats on the back when he's having a good day. I'll keep the blog posted!

I didn't fully get away from the kiddos, I took Maia with me. I got the best compliment from someone of an earlier, stricter, more composed generation. She said - "Is that your daughter? ... My how well behaved she is! ... I saw her when I came in & then I didn't even know she was here. She's so very sweet, too." Then I heard it from 2 other people. My girl! I luff her to bits! I know it will all change when she gets older, but I can really enjoy it now. She's amazing!

The birds are chirping and, quickly, before I (hopefully) fade away, there was an injured young birdie in our front yard the other day. Our neighbor almost ran it over with his mower (it fell out of a tree). My kids were worried about it getting eaten by the local cats. We put it in a box and I called a friend of mine who does a lot for injured animals. She suggested we put it out of it's misery (there is now way I could...ever!) because, it's not demonstrative with pain issues, the poor little thing had its eye & part of its beak & tail taken out by the mower. She told me it would probably die anyway. Well, this evening, I felt so bad for it. It was no longer standing & we could see it was struggling. I let the kids say good-bye (the Princess was absolutely heart broken) and explained it was a part of nature. Today was a long day. Chirping birds, maybe I can sleep now.

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Mrs4444 said...

I am a nightowl by choice; I love to stay up until 2 or 3 and sleep til 10 or 11 in the summer. During the school year, though, I (the teacher) force myself to be by 11pm.

Sweet compliments on your daughter-That's awesome. Kind of takes the edge off your struggles with your son, no? Good luck with your efforts.


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