Friday, May 27, 2011


Okay - I am not a reality TV junkie. I do like a few reality shows Idol, the First 48, & I will sometimes catch an ep of the Biggest Loser. I'm not into the whole drama fiasco shows. I don't watch Real Housewives, never even seen more than a commercial blurb; never watch Jersey Shore, I've never even seen a commercial blurb for it - I only hear about it & see snippets of the pseudo celebs on Yahoo! WTF is a snookie? I do like to catch episodes of My Fair Wedding w/David Tutera. He does some amazing things for brides to make all their wedding dreams come true. I just like watching him take their ideas & make them rock!

The season of So You Think You Can Dance opened yesterday & I am so stoked! It wasn't a show I thought I'd be interested in, but after watching, the talent is always incredible!! The choreographers they use are imaginative, creative & just plain awesome. I find myself feeling a lot of the emotional numbers. I never thought I'd be moved by a dance number, it happens so often watching that show. I will be posting some of my favorite dances via You tube. I was even thinking of going back & finding my fave from last year. Since I mentioned it - this was my favorite: Robert & Dominic doing a Nappy Tabs number (I can't embed the video, it's not available, but this is a direct link to the video.) My kids LOVE this routine. We even still have the ep dvr'd. My daughter will watch it once in a while. Because I could, here's my fave from Season 6. I LOVED Ellenore:

I know the other day I was thinking about a lot of other things I was wanting to write about. I think it may be too early this morning. My brain isn't firing, yet. Oh yeah, we have a new member of the family. My daughter had to have an ice pack at school the other day, she had an incident. She brings home this baggie full of water & says to me "I want a fish...pleeeeease!?" I tell her to ask her dad. He's pretty good at saying no. Guess what - he said yes... We went to our local pet supply place & we picked out a Betta & a neat little Betta aquarium. 3 cats & a fish. I never wanted more than one cat. I'll tell that story another time. She named her fish Blue Nemo Marlon.

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