Friday, May 20, 2011

I've been reading!

Surprise! No, really, I have been perusing my old posts & again, I have to say that it is great to keep a blog. There are memories in here that I might not easily remember at the length they are posted here. I just have to commit to posting.

There have been several occasions since my leaving blogging for a long time that I wanted to post something interesting, something that happened or just tidbits from my favorite tv shows or movies that I'd seen. I just didn't do it. I have always been consistently inconsistent. That is the way my life goes. Of course I know it's all my doing. Everything I do I am in control of.

What's been happening - well, I worked at Walmart for all of 2 weeks. My kids got sick (ALL of them) at the beginning of March, then I got it - for THREE LONG weeks! I rarely get what they get & if I do, it's usually minimal. I wouldn't even mention my sick if it had been a cough or annoying runny nose or whatever, but this time it was bad! Bad for almost all of the 3 weeks! Needless to say, I knew I was going to need time off, I just didn't know how much, so I quit.

Tupperware was going extremely well! All of my parties have been successful & so much fun! I LOVE doing it! The bad thing is, I recruited 2 people & lost my network. The people in my community are just not devoted enough friends to care whether or not I succeed. With the exception of 1, but I recruited her, so she's in it with me. Her network is a bit bigger than the people I know here, but the people in it are just as unwilling to help. Being a hostess for a party is a grand thing, not a nuisance, or it shouldn't be. We will send the invites, we will bring what we need - all you do is supply the guests and get a couple of outside orders because it really does help to ensure a successful hostess crediting. & being a hostess, the potential to get LOTS of stuff for free is a huge draw in my eyes. That was why I had my own party.

Princess fluffy fart is an absolute angel in school and most of the time at home. Now I understand why people say girls are easier as young children & boys as teens. It's been proven to me. Dew is still a pita. Still squealing & I am trying so hard to get him to stop. He's just too old for it. As far as the big boy here, well, he's the same. He's growing up so much & I have a lot of respect for the things he wants to do with his life. I just hope he does what makes him happy & in the end, does everything he's capable of. He's such an underachiever in school. *sigh* I know he's capable of so much more. And the oldest. The young man, well, I love & miss him, as he still doesn't talk much to me. Once in a while I will get a return text or phone call, but again, it's been over a year. Right now, I think he's trying to sort things out. I am one of the things I think he has to decide on. Was I good enough? I'm not sure. All I know is that I have tried to do my best by him.

Funny, when I say that it brings me to feeling like my mom's words. Being a mom myself, her good enough was good sometimes. There are other things, though - that I would NEVER have done. I think my "good enough" is so much better than hers was, at least when it came to me. But that's my opinion alone.

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